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Kingston USB Flash Drives

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Kingston flash drives help store and move important documents, files and various media types between computers or devices. They have USB 2.0 and 3.0 capability and come in a variety of styles for casual and professional users. At Staples, you'll find a wide range of options that support several operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and Android.

Choose from Various Sizes for Differing Needs

Kingston USB flash drives come in several sizes ranging from 8GB to 1TB. Those who plan to use them to store documents, files and minimal amounts of media can manage with s smaller capacity. People who use their drives for gaming, storing music, movies and software can benefit from more space. In addition to storing files, flash drives make ideal entertainment solutions, plugging into Smart TVs and multiple devices to play stored movies while on the go.

While most models support USB 3.0 compatibility, some have dual or backward compatibility with USB 2.0. Shoppers will find a few models with just USB 2.0 compatibility as well. Using 3.0, you can transfer files at a rate of up to 350MB/s and write at a rate of 250MB/s, giving you quick access to important documents, presentations or reports.

Enjoy Flexibility with Varying Styles

Many Kingston flash drives are designed for on-the-go use with a sturdy metal casing that can withstand shocks, bumps and accidental drops. Others have a rubberized casing and resist water and extreme temperatures, making them hardy options for construction sites and remote locations. Some have a loop that attaches to a lanyard or key fob to keep it handy wherever you go. Select models have a mini design that measures as small as 1-inch long for compact discreteness.

Caps and retractable designs protect the slot, keeping it free of debris and impact damage. Others have a cap-less design that simply plugs into an available slot. Those with dual connectors support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, letting you free up space by transferring photos and videos to a desktop PC or laptop. Some models have a dual interface that supports both Type-A and Type-C ports for continued compatibility with technology advances. Businesses who wish to distribute flash drives to their employees or give them away in a trade show promotion can choose to have a company logo featured on the casing.

Protect Confidential Files with Security Features

Those in high-security fields and with access to sensitive information should look for a Kingston USB flash drive with built-in security features. Encryption protects the files from hackers and viruses while it's plugged into a computer or device. Password protection grants access to authorized users who can choose to protect the entire drive or limit the protection to specific folders, files or documents. These security features come in especially handy in the government, IT and healthcare sectors where employees need to exercise caution.

Combining flexibility and convenience, flash drives give you access to the files you need anywhere. Shop Staples to find the device that best suits your needs for personal or professional use.