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PIP Work Gloves, Split Cowhide With Safety Cuffs, Multi-Colored, 12 Pairs
Item #SS2600725
  • Work Gloves
  • Primary Material: Split Cowhide
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Medical and health facilities use lab bags to provide a safe and effective way to transfer and store samples from patients while protecting workers from any possible contamination and danger from exposure to biological materials. Purchase bags in bulk by the case to save money, ensure extras are on hand for safety, and remain productive. Staples® carries a wide selection of bags, labware, and scientific supplies to outfit a workplace.

Types of Bags Available
Available in a range of designs, sizes, and materials, these bags are ideal for the collection and storage of fluids and samples. Lab freezer bags keep contents free from freezer burn and prevent leaking when placed with other samples. Heavy-duty bags resist tears and punctures, while some include a space to write on for easy identification. Some lab sample bags include a pouch to include patient information, documents, and other data about the enclosed sample. Most pouches seal to keep documents secure and to prevent mix-ups of samples in the lab. Transparent polyethylene makes it possible to see what’s inside without opening the seal. Sterile bags prevent contamination of test samples. Some have self-sealing closures with a tamper-resistant label that prevents unauthorized access to contents.

Reasons to Use Laboratory Bags
These bags meet federal requirements and OSHA standards for safety to prevent the spread of disease and keep employees safe. They're made of clear or colored film, which is usually color-coded depending on the type of sample required. The style of the bag may also provide identification to the type of sample it holds. Some facilities may also color-code their bags, so external labs know where the sample originated from to help eliminate any mix-up when returning patient results Other types may include a bio-hazard symbol for immediate identification of blood and other bodily fluid samples that require safe handling.

Is it Possible to Reuse Lab Bags?
Lab bags are sold in bulk packages and are inexpensive to use. While recycling is the best choice for the environment, it is ideal to dispose of any used sterile bags instead of trying to reuse them.

What’s the Optimal Way to Seal Laboratory Bags?
Heat seals create a secure and tamper-resistant seal that won’t come apart during transport or storage. It’s possible to use a zipper bag for solid substances that won’t leak, but liquid samples typically require special handling to prevent leaking and contamination. Tabletop heat sealers create durable seams instantly on all types of poly sterile lab bags.

How Do Lab Bags and Regular Plastic Bags Differ?
Though sterile laboratory bags and regular plastic storage bags may look alike and have the same types of closures, they are constructed differently. Lab bags have a much thicker and stronger construction and a thicker seal along the edges to prevent leaks, and some even have three layers of plastic instead of a single one for increased protection. Select bags are suitable for autoclaving; be sure to follow the manufacturer's' instructions when placing bags in an autoclave.