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Communication is important in any industry. Laminated bulletin boards help teachers impart important information to students, and they make it easy for employers to notify employees of special events or changes in policies. From small, desk-size boards to large, wall-size designs, bulletin boards come in an array of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of the users.

Considering the Use of Laminated Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards can be used in a variety of settings and for many different purposes. Use a board in a reception area for managers and staff to check in so the receptionist always knows who is out. Bulletin boards in break rooms help notify employees of new compliance issues to ensure rules are kept.

Use a bulletin board to display personal pictures, artwork, or special items for display. A laminated board can add personality and style to an individual office. In classrooms, chalkboards can be used to convey homework or rules for a new concept to help students learn. You can also notify students of upcoming birthdays, days off, or volunteer information as a constant reminder.

Available Options for a Laminated Bulletin Board
Before purchasing a bulletin board, consider the numerous designs and options. Small handheld bulletin boards are ideal for practicing homework concepts or writing grocery lists. The board can be cleaned and reused to save paper. Choose a board with a written calendar to keep track of a daily schedule. Attached corkboards provide a place to affix pictures and memos in a convenient location.

Choose a large board with a bottom tray that can be used to hold markers, erasers, and other objects in close range. Boards with built-in borders are easy to hang and deliver a professional-looking appearance.

How Can You Decorate a Laminated Bulletin Board?
Bulletin boards can be decorated with a variety of office supplies. Choose a decorative trim to coordinate with a specific holiday, or add stickers and pictures to create a theme. Use hooks to hold keys, or add numbers and letters as a learning tool for young children. Bulletin boards can be decorated to deliver a message or simply to set the mood for a room or event. Staples® carries a large selection of borders, trims, and cutouts for bulletin boards.

What Kind of Markers Can You Use On Laminated Bulletin Boards?
You can write on dry erase boards using dry erase markers. The markers won't soak in or damage the surface, and because the notations can be cleaned off, you can use the board for many years for different purposes.

How Do You Clean a Laminated Bulletin Board?
Laminated boards are very similar to dry erase boards. A daily scrub with a clean, dry cloth is the best way to keep the board clean. For heavier stains, use a paper towel to spread a thin layer of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, and then dry completely with another towel. Combine a teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of water and spray a thin layer on the board. Clean with a dry cloth. Baby wipes also clean up excessive ink on laminate clipboards.

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