Lawn & Garden Tools

Lawn and garden tools help you make the most of your yard or garden. From planting flowers and pruning bushes to cleaning up and maintaining the lawn, these tools can keep everything looking green and beautiful. A comprehensive collection of lawn and garden tools includes rakes, hoes, picks, forks, post-hole diggers, pruning shears, shovels, and spades.

Maintain a Beautiful Yard
Water your lawn with garden hoses, and administer pesticides using sprayers. Pruning shears let you shape bushes and trees to keep them from looking unruly, while weed cutters and rakes help you keep everything tidy.

Grow Flowers and Food
Shovels and hoes get you into the dirt, so you can plant flowers, trees, and vegetable plants. Grow anything you want from seeds or put starter plants in the garden to get a jump start on spring.

Transport Dirt, Plants, and Accessories
Wheelbarrows help you move almost anything in the garden, including paving stones for your garden path, dirt for planting, or containers of fertilizer. You can also get extra wheelbarrow wheels in case one goes flat.