Laxatives are an important, yet often neglected part of your office first-aid kit. Stomach troubles can come on suddenly. Keeping laxatives and stool softeners on hand ensures your employees can get discreet relief and get back to work.

Fast-Acting Relief
When you need fast-acting relief, laxative suppositories and stool softeners keep things moving without uncomfortable cramping. These come with a variety of active ingredients, so you can keep a few different kinds stocked.

Sizes and Flavors
Laxatives are available in a range of package sizes, including 50-, 100-, or 1,000-tablet packs, so you can pick the one that's just right for your office, whether you have a just a few employees or a large team. Liquid forms come in 8-, 10-, and 16-ounce bottles in different flavors to suit everyone's preferences.