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Enjoy chewy, soft licorice candy any time of the day. The familiar treat is available as a bite-sized chew, a classic twist, and as a pull-and-peel option. The candy comes in all-natural and sugar-free varieties to satisfy a large group of people at work and at home. Staples® has an extensive selection of snacks and workplace accessories to keep the office and home cabinets stocked with tasty treats and useful items.

Use Licorice Candy as a Tasty Reward in the Classroom and Workplace
A 12-ounce pack of flavorful licorice twists has approximately 30 individual candy strands to reward students for good behavior and class participation. The low-fat snack is a fun gift to give as a token of appreciation to a co-worker or teammate. Try Kosher-certified licorice made with real fruit juice and puree for an all-natural option that is suitable for vegans. The candy comes in single packs, 33-ounce canisters, and 5-pound tubs to guarantee the classroom and office break room has plenty of satisfying snacks to keep students, employees, and teachers happy throughout the week.

Try Licorice Candy in a Variety of Sizes and Flavors
Treat yourself to a 10-ounce bag of bite-size berry flavored licorice, that includes flavors such as black raspberry and cherry, for a job well done. A box of licorice rope includes 15 individual 33-inch strands of licorice that are easily used to create candy designs, such as gingerbread houses and gummy animals. Pop a tiny fruit-filled licorice twist in your mouth and experience a sweet flavor explosion. Pull-and twist sour apple strands easily tear apart into individual strips of sweet-tasting goodness. Licorice comes in many flavors, such as chocolate, anise, cherry-lemonade, orange, and watermelon to satisfy a variety of flavor cravings. Sugar-free and gluten-free options are also available.

Is Licorice Candy Used in Baked Goods?
Yes. Chop the candy into tiny pieces and use as a festive sprinkle on top of cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. Replicate the black licorice taste and use anise flavoring in baking recipes to bring out the spicy notes found in the popular licorice flavor. The flexible candy is simple to shape into tiny designs and used to enhance desserts for a kid's birthday party or to create fun candy art for brownies and other pastries. Small pieces of chocolate licorice add fun texture to the top of fudge.

Are Variety Packs of Licorice Candy Available?
Yes. Eliminate the need to decide between red and black licorice and purchase an 8-ounce or 2-pound mix bag to satisfy a small and large group of people. A tropical-flavored variety pack is available that includes a mixture of blue-raspberry, grape, orange, and lemonade. The colorful tropical strands add a boost of color to a refreshment table or candy tray.

Is There a Proper Way to Store Licorice Candy?
Experts recommend keeping the candy sealed in an air-tight container and out of hot temperatures and direct sunlight. Freeze licorice for one year to avoid exposing the candy to excessive temperatures. The candy lasts up to eight months in a refrigerator or pantry and is expired when an unusual smell develops or a change in texture occurs.
Twizzlers Twist Individually Wrapped Strawberry 57.7 oz Container, 180 Count (HEC51922)
Item #24359830
Model #HEC51922
  • Twizzlers are a Kosher certified snack
  • Delicious strawberry flavor
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Twizzlers Twists Licorice, Strawberry, 33.3 Oz., 105/Tub (51902)Twizzlers Twists Licorice, Strawberry, 33.3 Oz., 105/Tub (51902)
Item #621508
Model #HEC51902
  • Licorice is a perfect addition to any dessert table
  • Everyday theme
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Twizzlers Strawberry Twists, 32 oz, 2 Count
Item #2678423
Model #246-00041
  • Great for snacking, sharing, movie nights, and road trips
  • Strawberry flavored chewy candy
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Twizzlers PULL 'N' PEEL Cherry Candy, 28 oz, 2 Count
Item #2678422
Model #246-00042
  • Perfect for snacking on the go, office candy jars, and peeling and sharing with someone special!
  • Cherry flavor
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Red Vines Sugar-Free Strawberry, 5 oz, 6 Count
Item #2678473
Model #209-02483
  • A 6-Pack of 5-Ounce Red Vines Sugar-Free Strawberry flavored Licorice Twists!
  • Sugar-Free, Fat-Free and No Preservatives.
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Red Vines Variety Tray Box, 5 oz, 6 Count
Item #2678485
Model #209-02482
  • A 6-Count Box of Red Vines Twists Trays in Original and Grape flavors
  • 4 Original Red and 2 Grape flavored Red Vine Twists!
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King Size Red Vines, 5 oz. Trays, 24 Trays/Box
Item #183833
Model #209-00106
  • Chewy red licorice
  • 5 oz. pack
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Red Vines® Black Licorice Twists, 3.5 lb Jar
Out of Stock
Item #2402587
Model #209-04500
  • Black Licorice
  • Jar
Red Vines Original Red Licorice, 56 Oz. (209-06016)
Item #77207
Model #209-06016
  • Enjoy these licorice twists by the handful, or share them with coworkers, and friends alike
  • Everyday theme