Lifting Clamps

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Plate Clamp
1/16 - 3/4 in
1 Ton
Lifting clamps make heavy-duty lifting easy, be it vertically, horizontal-to-vertically by 180 degrees, or horizontally. Able to handle weights exceeding half a ton, lifting clamps are durable and ensure safety. Select the best clamp for your needs from plate, beam, girder, and universal types.

Multiple Load Capacities
No matter what your industrial job site needs are, there's a lifting clamp to fit the bill. Selecting a clamp that offers the right working load capacity is vital, since the clamp will give out if that capacity is exceeded. Lifting clamps work on a variety of weights, from light construction materials to exceptionally heavy industrial tools and products. The grip capacity, sometimes referred to as the jaw capacity, is directly correlated to the load capacity, and a certificate of testing is provided with many clamps.

Wide Selection of Types
Choose the clamp intended for what you're moving. Plate clamps are intended for large, flat slabs of metal, wood, stone, or other materials. Beam clamps are intended for heavy duty steel girders. Locking-turning clamps are important for stacking materials such as girders. There are even hand-grip clamps to aid manually moving materials when hoists or pulleys can't be used.

Lasting Use
Many clamps are made of steel and are certified for long lasting durability, ensuring safety in the worksite. Always heed manufacturer instructions regarding how to determine the wear on your clamp, as well as if and when to replace parts. Replacement parts and accessories can help keep your lifting clamps in top shape while delivering exceptional performance, eliminating common safety hazards, and prevent accidental malfunctions that can negatively affect the work of yourself or your crew.

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