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Choose the right load binder to adjust chain tension when securing heavy boxes, crates, or irregularly sized containers to prevent the contents from shifting inside and breaking or chipping. Choose from a variety of load binders to find the chain size and grade to match the cargo weight and type.

Range of Take-Up
Each of these load binders provides a range of take-up capabilities, with some that go up to 8 inches. This allows you to securely load cargo into vehicles such as flat-bed trucks, moving and utility vans, and other types of industry or construction vehicles. When loading and unloading, prevent the material inside containers or standalone objects from becoming damaged by adjusting the lifting height to clear any obstruction that may be in your way.

Work Load Limits
Choose a load binder suitable for the entire weight and size of your cargo. This helps prevent heavy items and other objects from shifting or moving when loading and unloading, or during transport. Ensure that your cargo arrives safely to avoid having to replace damaged goods or ruining valuable pieces. These load binders provide generous work load limits, including 5400 lb., 6600 lb., and 9200 lb., allowing you to secure extra-large containers or to transport multiple pieces of cargo at once.

Various Chain Sizes and Grades
Choose a transport binder chain that is strong enough to hold your cargo in place when driving over rough terrain or when shipping material under adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow storms. Load binders are available with either manual ratchet operating mechanisms or mechanical ratchet operating systems for easy chain-tension adjustment.

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Add to cart Campbell® 5/16" - 3/8" Grade 70 Ratchet Load Binder, Yellow Chromate
Add to cart CM® Rigging Load Binder, Ratchet Binder 3/8"-Grade 80, 12 1/4 lb.
Add to cart Campbell® Load Binder, 8 in Take-Up, 9200 lb, 3/8 in/G70, 1/2 in/G43
Add to cart Campbell® C7R516 Load Binder, 8 in Take-Up, 5400 lb, 5/16 in/G70, 3/8 in/G43