MasterVision Dry Erase Whiteboards

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A whiteboard is a cost-effective alternative to a chalkboard and has a dry-erase writing surface that is easier to clean and maintain. You can find the right MasterVision dry-erase board, whether you want one for those brainstorming sessions at work or for a classroom, in the wide selection of whiteboards available on Staples.

Replace Your Chalkboard with a Versatile Melamine MasterVision Whiteboard
If you are making your first whiteboard purchase, get one with a melamine surface. Melamine offers a basic dry-erase writing surface and is ideal for light to moderate use. It has an inexpensive laminate coating with a smooth finish. The surface is easy to wipe clean and works well with dry-erase markers. Choose a model with a sturdy aluminum frame with fittings at the corners for easy wall-mounting. Look for one with an integrated or snap-on pen tray for storing markers and erasers. Melamine whiteboards come in different sizes. Choose a small 24 x 18-inch model for personal use or get a big 96 x 48-inch board for classroom and group sessions.

Get a Magnetic Whiteboard to Keep Visual Aids within Quick Reach
While melamine is a non-magnetic surface, whiteboards with metal backings are magnetic and allow you to post notes on their writing surfaces. A magnetic dry-erase board can either have a painted steel or a porcelain-enameled surface. Porcelain and steel are more durable than melamine. They last longer, wear down slower and are more resistant to dents, scratches and stains. These surfaces also require less cleaning and are less likely to ghost with repeated use. These properties make them suitable for daily heavy use. In addition to writing on a magnetic dry erase board, you can also stick magnetic notes and accessories directly on its surface. This makes it possible to use the whiteboard as a notice board or extend its primary function by allowing you to use magnetic illustration aids like music staff lines, signs and letters.

What is a Combination Whiteboard?
A combination whiteboard has half of its surface made of a dry-erase board and the other half covered by a bulletin board. You can write on the marker board part while pinning up notes on the other side. Most manufacturers use a cork or thick fabric surface for the bulletin half of their whiteboards.

Can you use a Wet-Erase Marker on a MasterVision Dry-Erase Board?
Yes, you can use wet and dry-erase markers on a whiteboard or any non-porous writing surface. A wet-erase marker uses water-based ink and leaves semi-permanent markings. You cannot remove these markings with a regular whiteboard eraser but they will come off easily when wiped with a damp cloth.

How Often Should you Clean a Dry-Erase Board?
Most manufacturers recommend cleaning whiteboards at least once a week. Cleaning removes residual chemical buildups from repeated use of dry-erase markers and prolongs the lifespan of the board. Before using a whiteboard cleaner on your dry-erase board, make sure to first remove all markings on it.

Can You use a MasterVision Whiteboard as a Projection Screen?
Yes, you can but regular whiteboard surfaces are not ideal for projection. Their glossy surfaces produce glare when illuminated with light from projectors. To enjoy good viewing angles and image quality, get a whiteboard optimized for projection and dry-erase markers.