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Maxithins Tampons

Sanitary napkins and tampons are essential feminine hygiene products. Maxithins and similar brands offer many different types of pads to absorb liquids and protect undergarments. Shop Staples for pads with different thicknesses, scents and quantities, as well as with and without wings.

Choosing Between Maxithins Pads and Tampons
The two main types of sanitary products are pads and tampons. Both are available in different thicknesses to absorb fluids, but one sticks to undergarments and the other inserts directly. Choosing to use one or both is a personal preference. However, tampons allow you to go swimming at any time during a cycle, whereas pads aren't always a practical option. Also, many women feel more comfortable moving around during physical activities such as swimming, gymnastics and dance while wearing tampons. With pads, it's possible to see if you need to change it without having to dispose of it. Tampons require removal to check, and they aren't reusable.

Finding the Right Maxithins Pads Thickness
It's not economical to wear thick pads on light days or liners during heavy flows. Maxithins and other brands offer sanitary napkins that are ultra-thin, regular, super, long or rated for overnight use to meet different daily needs. The general rule is to opt for pads thick enough to go a minimum of five hours before you have to change them. Also, consider pads with a gel layer in the middle that absorbs liquid, preventing it from leaking through or spilling over. Pads can extend in length to 8 inches. Overnight pads are thicker to accommodate 7 to 10 hours of sleep, which makes them more workable for many women than tampons. Some overnight brands have moisture-proof barriers to safeguard against leaks while in bed.

How Do You Dispose of Maxithins Pads and Tampons?
It's much easier to dispose of flushable tampons than other feminine hygiene products. Don't flush pads down the toilet unless the directions explicitly state it's safe. Instead, most bathrooms offer sanitary napkin disposable bins in stalls, and you can wrap the pad in the wrapper and discreetly throw it away. If you are stocking an office restroom, consider selecting a disposal unit for mounting on a wall or placing in a corner.

What Are Maxithins with Wings?
Wings on pads are side flaps that fold down and stick underneath underwear for added stability. The wings also protect the sides of undergarments from any overflow on heavy days. Consider flexible wings for extra protection from ripping and displacement during rigorous exercises.

Are Scented Maxithins Available?
Yes, lightly scented sanitary napkins and tampons have a fresh, deodorizing smell. Unscented pads are also available for buyers with allergies or sensitivity to scented products. Unscented products are a practical choice for stocking vending machines and shared bathrooms.

What Are the Different Quantities of Maxithins Pads?
These menstrual napkins are available in various sizes. Choose individual packages that fit into vending machines for businesses, schools, hospitals, stores or similar locations. Regular size packages of 12, 36 and 48 will fit neatly under a bathroom sink or in a desk drawer for quick access.
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