Metal Bulletin Boards & Signs

Browse the selection of metal bulletin boards at Staples® to find durable noticeboards for your office. Bulletin boards made of metal are stronger than those with plastic frames and lighter than wood-paneled models. These wall-mounted boards come in different sizes and designs.

Choose from Different Types of Metal Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards with metallic parts can have magnetic surfaces. This advantage makes it possible to pin sheets onto them with magnets. Most of them feature aluminum or stainless steel frames. Both of these materials are rust-resistant. Aluminum is lightweight and durable while stainless steel is just as strong but heavier. A bulletin board with a metal frame can also have a metal surface or a tack surface made of another material. All-metal noticeboards look more stylish than metal-framed corkboards. They usually have smooth brushed metal surfaces and come with strong rare earth magnets.

Consider Tack Surface Material When Comparing Metal Bulletin Boards
Natural cork is the most popular pinboard surface. It is a sustainable material that is strong and durable. Its self-healing nature makes it suitable for heavy use. You can also find cork surfaces improved with synthetic materials like vinyl and plastic. These are easier to clean with damp cloths and antiseptic solutions. Choose bulletin boards with such antimicrobial surfaces for schools and hospitals.

Other common materials used for bulletin board surfaces include fabric and rubber composites. Fabric surfaces can accommodate Velcro in addition to push pins and staples. Choose a bulletin board covered with fabric if you plan on putting up laminated sheets. Rubber composite comes from recycled tires and other rubber products. Like cork, it's an environmentally friendly option that is also durable and made for heavy use. Rubber composite tack surfaces are water-resistant.

Are There Combination Metal Bulletin Boards?
Yes. A combination bulletin board combines a corkboard with a dry erase surface. Usually, the tack surface occupies half of the board while the marker board takes the other half. You can choose a transitional board with a slider if you prefer to dedicate more space to one surface. A combination board is especially useful in classrooms and during office training sections. You can pin up teaching aids and illustrations on its noticeboard and write on its whiteboard half.

Can You Wipe Down Metal Bulletin Boards With Cleaning Solutions?
Yes, unless it has a cork or fabric tack surface. Before applying water or liquid cleaning solutions to metal parts, make sure they are corrosion-resistant. You can get stainless steel and anodized aluminum frames and tack surfaces wet since they are rust-resistant. Even then, you should remove moisture immediately after cleaning with a dry cloth and use only mild cleaning solutions.

Can You Use Tacks on All Metal Bulletin Boards?
No. You can use push pins on a bulletin board with a metal frame and a surface made of cork or a synthetic alternative. Boards with flat metal surfaces only accept magnets. However, there are bulletin boards with slats or perforations on their metal surfaces. You can post notices on these with thumbtacks and magnets.

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