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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface devices deliver exceptional versatility in an easy-to-transport form. The powerful all-in-one computers do not require an external monitor or input device. This ensures you can use them in almost any setting and enjoy fast response times and quick computing.

Precise Touchscreen Surface
The surface of the Surface quickly and accurately relays pressure to compatible programs. This allows you to use it to draw, type or edit photos and video with just the swipe of your hands. The exceptional precision is a great boon for artists and media composers as well as everyday office users and commuters.

Optional Peripherals
The Microsoft Surface allows you to add peripherals such as cases and keyboards to further expand the capabilities of the device. Quickly and easily connect a mouse or numeric entry keypad for further input options. The wide selection of available portable computer accessories makes it easy to customize the Microsoft Surface to meet the needs of yourself or your office.

Wireless Connectivity
Microsoft Surface devices feature wireless connectivity that allows you to access the Internet through available connection points. The wireless connectivity also extends to other wireless devices, allowing you to network multiple components. Quickly and easily set up presentations and demonstrations without the need for additional wires and adapters.

Exceptional Compatibility
The Windows operating system ensures compatibility with many popular productivity suites and communications tools. Simple teleconferencing and advanced collaboration and peer-to-peer collaborations are available using the device. This exceptional compatibility makes it easy to pick the right programs for your needs, allowing you to make the most of the all-in-one computing solution.