Moving Boxes and Kits

Moving Boxes and Kits
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Even though moving boxes play a critical role in a majority of relocations, it’s surprising how they are almost an afterthought. Plan ahead by using the right boxes and make the entire moving process easier and more streamlined. Make the right move with high-quality moving kits and boxes, available at Staples® in a variety of sizes and bundles for all storage or transportation needs.

High-Quality Moving Kits Help Prevent Damages
Inferior kits and boxes can allow damage to items or get them disorganized. High-quality cardboard moving boxes will ensure valuables are well-protected throughout the journey. Sturdy and weather-resistant boxes are less likely to compress when stacked on top of each other, a leading cause of damage. Moving kits also come in specialized offerings for packing up kitchens, bedrooms, and computers, offering additional pads, hanger bars, and separator inserts. 

Moving Kits and Boxes Save Time and Space
Moving kits can avoid wasted time spent finding the right moving supplies. All the needed supplies are available in one kit, making the packing process easier and faster. Additionally, the stackable design of sturdy boxes maximizes the space in the moving truck, which can reduce the cost of moving. When moving an office, file size boxes with snug lids eliminate taping, and can work as file storage at the new location.

New Moving Boxes are Clean and Healthier to Use
While you can get free cardboard cartons from stores and grocery shops, you risk contamination when putting your food-related and personal items in them because they may contain micro-organisms and germs from their original content. Store-bought moving boxes are clean and free of any contaminants, making them the safer option.

Why is the Moving Box Strength So Important?
Corrugated moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and strengths; the sturdier the box, the greater the protection of packed items. High-quality boxes should have a measure of at least 200 pounds and 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test). An ECT is a compressive strength measure of the edges of a corrugated cardboard and speaks to a box’s stackability. The 200# designation refers to its strength to resist bursting. Boxes that are weaker than 32 ECT are not suitable for moving. They are more likely to compress when stacked together, thereby damaging valuables. Heavier items like home appliances may need stronger boxes. Therefore, it is important to consider the weight of items for shipping before buying the boxes.

Why Should You Buy a Complete Moving Kit?
A complete moving kit is usually a collection of all the moving supplies that you might need. They come with accessories such as bubble rolls, sealing tapes, marking pens, and unprinted packing paper. Buying a complete kit is less expensive and more convenient than purchasing the supplies separately.

Are New Moving Boxes Made From Recycled Materials?
Since cardboard is made from the cellulose fibers of trees, using recycled materials instead of raw products will go a long way in conserving natural resources and reducing pollution. New moving boxes often feature recycled cardboard and are recyclable. Therefore, after settling into a new place, consider taking the used boxes to recycling centers or dropping them in recycle bins. Alternatively, set aside the ones are in good condition, break them apart, and store them in a cool, dry place for future projects.