Music CDs

Find music CDs your children or students will love to listen to time and time again. Specially-designed educational CDs help teach kids a new skill, such as how to play the handbell or do yoga. Meanwhile, sing-alongs and CDs that feature your favorite childhood songs are perfect for any occasion.

Entertain Your Child
Amuse children with music selections that they can recognize and sing along to. Use these CDs at any occasion, whether at home or in the classroom, to put a smile on their face. Several options to choose from make it easy to find something your child will enjoy.

Expose a Child to New Music
Expose children and students to a variety of new music that they may not have heard before using sing-along CDs. This gives children a more diverse outlook on music and helps them garner an appreciation for a wider variety of genres. Children will be able to explore an assortment of tunes while learning in a fun and engaging way.

Enhance an Event or Activity
Play a special CD during a fun children's party or while kids participate in a specific activity. Choose from CDs with options such as yoga and aerobatics. Each CD can help guide the event or activity while molding the minds of your little ones.

Help Your Child Learn
Assist your kids or students in learning a new skill with educational options that they can easily understand. This acts as a supplement to classroom learning and can help prepare a child for additional schoolwork. Each how-to CD uses simple instructions and examples children can relate to. Use a CD to help your child with math, reading, spelling, learning a new language, and world history lessons.

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