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The right feminine hygiene supplies are essential for a monthly cycle that is as comfortable as possible. Naturelle maxi pads and other brands of sanitary supplies all have unique design features and benefits for personalized care. Shop the wide variety of feminine hygiene products at Staples to find the best choices for your comfort and lifestyle.

Benefits of Maxi Pads
Sanitary napkins must be comfortable and dependable. Maxi pads should fit well without chafing and have a completely absorbent design to stop leaks. Most pads attach to underwear by an adhesive strip along the bottom, and some have additional wings in the middle area. Most pads are absorbent enough to last for several hours, and there are specific styles for overnight coverage. These types are usually longer and contain more core material.

Naturelle maxi pads have a contoured shape for a personalized fit and wings for stability and leak protection. They're also made from 100 percent new material and are partially biodegradable. There are specific pads designed for different levels of flow. Most pads contain a combination of wood cellulose, gel, foam, rayon and polyester in the absorbent core.

Choose the Right Features for Personalized Protection
It's smart to have a variety of pads and other sanitary supplies during each monthly cycle. Certain brands and pads may work better depending on a woman's individual shape, level of flow and other factors. Some women enjoy the leak protection of wings, but others may experience chafing. You may want to choose a scented pad to feel fresh or an unscented product if you are sensitive to perfumes and chemicals. Maxi pads are usually the best choice for heavy flow, and thin pads or liners work better for lighter days. You may also want to have overnight pads for extra protection during sleep. Some women prefer to use tampons with pads or liners for backup.

Are Maxi Pads Better than Tampons?
It depends on personal preference. Pads are extremely easy to use and carry very little risk, but they can leak and develop odors. Some women prefer tampons for protection against leaks and during certain activities, such as swimming. There is a risk of toxic shock syndrome if tampons aren't changed frequently enough. Those who find tampons uncomfortable may prefer to use sanitary pads.

Can Maxi Pads Be Used Postpartum?
Most women use a special type of mesh underwear with a built-in pad during the first few days following delivery. Maxi pads are very useful for dealing with postpartum flow in the subsequent weeks after leaving the hospital.

What Are Some Health Tips for Using Maxi Pads?
With all personal hygiene products, it's important to follow basic health precautions. Stop use and contact a doctor if you notice skin irritation. You should change pads as often as necessary to prevent them from leaking or developing an odor. It's important to change your pad when you first get up in the morning as well. Browse Staples' large selection of maxi pads and other feminine hygiene products to make your cycle more comfortable.
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Naturelle, #4 Ultra Thin, Individually Wrapped, 200/Pack
Item : 812931
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  • Naturelle pad features a twin groove system for leak protection
  • 200 pads per carton
  • High-quality feminine hygiene pads, boxed for vending
63.99 $63.99
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