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NVIDIA Shield TV 945134302500000 Streaming Media Player, Black
Item #24420496
Model #945134302500000
  • Streaming Media Player connects you to a world of entertainment
  • LAN, HDMI output, IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.3z (Gigabit Ethernet), microSD
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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 945128972500101 Streaming Media Player, Black
Out of Stock
Item #24420527
Model #945128972500101
  • Streaming Media Player connects you to a world of entertainment
  • HDMI output, LAN, IEEE 802.3z/802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0 interfaces for external device connection
NVIDIA® SHIELD™ Aluminum TV Stand, Black (930128972500000)
Out of Stock
Item #24088099
Model #930128972500000
  • TV stand offers perfect display while protecting the SHIELD TV with the non-slip base
  • Dimensions: 2.2"H x 2.75"W x 5.19"D

NVIDIA Streaming Media Players FAQs

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