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Scotch ID Badge Size Thermal Laminating Pouches, 5 mil, 4 1/4 x 2 1/5, 100/Pack (TP5852100)
Item #2657097
Model #TP5852100
  • Tough, moisture resistant polyester film
  • Preserve and protect keepsake photos and documents
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Staples® Vertical ID Badge Holder, ClearStaples® Vertical ID Badge Holder, Clear
Item #511100
Model #36683
  • ID badge holder to hold badges and paper inserts
  • Dimensions: 4"H x 3"W
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Staples ID Badge Clip, Clear, 10/PackStaples ID Badge Clip, Clear, 10/Pack
Item #511097
Model #36680
  • Color: Clear
  • Dimensions: 7.2"(H) X 4 1/2"(W)
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Avery® Top Loading Pin Style Name Badges
Item #SS941254
  • Available in 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" and 3" x 4"
  • Ideal for meetings, seminars, special events, conventions, and more
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Staples Badge Reels, Assorted Colors, 5/Pack (36682/3747217)
Item #511099
Model #36682/3747217
  • Badge reel connects easily to any ID card or name badge
  • Belt clip model hooks on pants belt
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Advantus ID Badge Holders, Clear, 50/Pack (75450)Advantus ID Badge Holders, Clear, 50/Pack (75450)
Item #2661126
Model #AVT75450
  • Fasten this ID badge holder to clothing, bags, and more to keep your hands free
  • Two convenient ways to attach badge, with cord or clip
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Staples Badge Reels, Black, 5/Pack (37860)
Item #810386
Model #37860
  • Badge reel connects easily to any ID card or name badge
  • Secures to clothing with metal spring clasp
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Staples® Lanyards for ID-Badge Holders
Item #SS1003398
  • 36" long
  • Choose from breakaway or standard lanyard
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Staples Lanyard with Swivel Hook, Black, 5/Pack (51922)Staples Lanyard with Swivel Hook, Black, 5/Pack (51922)
Item #2846365
Model #51922
  • Lanyard to hang identification badge around your neck
  • Swivel hook to attach ID card securely
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Staples® Horizontal ID Badge Holder, ClearStaples® Horizontal ID Badge Holder, Clear
Item #511102
Model #36684
  • ID badge holder to hold badges and paper inserts
  • Dimensions: 3"H x 4"W
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Name tags allow guests and employees to quickly and easily identify each other at parties, business seminars and within corporate office settings. Users can customize them by hand or design matching badges that color-coordinate with company logos or school colors. Staples carries several types of badges, name tag holders and ID accessories from top brands such as Avery, ID Avenue, and C-Line to suit the needs of schools, event planners and businesses of every size.

A Variety of Styles for Business Use, Classrooms, and Special Events
There are several styles of adhesive name tags, printable label sheets and identity kits available for everyday purposes and special occasions. Tags with colorful borders and patterns make it easy to spot badges from across a room while plain white designs offer a clean look for corporate settings and formal events.

In environments where security is key, businesses can opt for programmable PVC cards with magnetic stripes that work with a range of security software programs and security cameras, ensuring safe and secure access to authorized areas.

Accessorize With Decorative Lanyards and Badge Holders
Clip-on badge holders, protective sleeves, retractable ID reels and lanyards help keep badges within easy reach and in good working condition. Beaded fashion lanyards are a popular choice for users who like to stand out in a crowd while basic black and solid color designs offer a no-nonsense look and simple functionality. Several styles are garment-friendly with compact, unobtrusive designs so users can focus on their work without distraction or the hassle of misplaced key cards and security credentials.

Save Big With Bulk Packs of Name Tags and Accessories
Major corporations and educational facilities can save time and money by stocking up on bulk quantities of name tags and accessories. Businesses can keep several colors and sizes of badges on hand to accommodate both small gatherings and larger group. Maintaining an ample supply of tags and accessories also ensures that companies don't run out of visitor badges and ID cards.

Are Adhesive Name Tags Recyclable?
Many adhesive-backed name badges are recyclable along with other paper products, although users may want to check with a local recycling facility to ensure that they accept these products.

Can the Adhesive Materials Damage Clothing?
Delicate fabrics such as silk and loosely-knit materials may be sensitive to adhesive-backed badges. To accommodate the broadest user base possible, businesses and event organizers should consider offering multiple options including plastic sleeves, clip-on badge holders and lanyards so employees and guests can clearly display ID tags and badges without damaging clothing items.

If a name badge has left behind a sticky residue or if they end up in the wash, users may want to try adhesive-removing products specifically designed to lift sticky substances out of fabric.

Are Badge Holders and Lanyards Machine Washable?
If worn frequently, lanyards and badge holders may start to develop dirt and oil buildup over time. You can wash items by hand with dish soap or a mild detergent, although you can machine wash some nylon and polyester lanyard in cold or warm water. Lanyards should be air dried only, as clothes dryers and high temperatures can damage them. You can purchase name badges and any other kind of office supplies from Staples.