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Nice-N-Clean Baby Wipes

Wipes come in handy for a variety of purposes including changing a baby's diaper, cleaning your face or wiping down surfaces before cooking. Nice-n-Clean is a family-run company that manufactures products with sustainability practices in mind, using natural TENCEL fibers. The lines expand beyond baby wipes, providing solutions for people of all ages.

Protect and Clean Little Ones With Baby Wipes
Whether at home or on the go, life with an infant means constant diaper changes. Having baby wipes on hand is essential for tackling messes at any time of day. Nice-n-Clean offers scented, unscented and sensitive skin varieties for multiple needs. Use them to clean a baby's bottom, face or hands. All wipes are free of parabens, chlorine and alcohol. They're also hypoallergenic, making them suitable for most people. Shoppers can find them in single unit packs of 72 wipes, or packages of three and six units.

Tend to Toddlers with Specialty Wipes
When toilet training time rolls around, having toddler wipes helps promote thorough cleaning habits. With EcoFlush technology, your little one can flush them down the toilet after each use. These wipes contain aloe and vitamin E for added moisture to prevent skin from drying. Like baby wipes, they're free of alcohol and chlorine. Purchase them in packs of 42 and store them in the bathroom or take them with you on the go. Stuffy Nose wipes help clean away mucus, particularly for children who are under the weather. They come in two scents: fresh and grape, and in packs of 5 or 30.

Address Other Cleaning Solutions With Specialty Wipes
Antibacterial wipes help eliminate germs and reduce the spread of bacteria. They come in a citrus scent and kill up to 99.99 percent of all germs. Facial wipes help remove traces of makeup and dirt, offering regular and deep cleaning options that come in packs of 25. They're tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure proper safety standards. Feminine hygiene varieties help maintain freshness and flushable moist varieties promote a thorough clean anytime.

What are Tencel Fibers?
Tencel fibers are made from wood cellulose. They're grown with sustainability in mind and are 100 percent renewable, which makes them an eco-friendly option. The production process involves advanced technologies that use water and energy and have a lower impact on the environment.

Are Nice-n-Clean Wipes Flushable?
Facial, hand and baby wipes are not flushable, but the brand offers many types that are. Toddler toilet and feminine hygiene versions are safe for septic systems and sewers alike. They break down easily after flushing and help eliminate backups and blockages that can result in costly repairs.

What Types of Packaging do Wipes Come In?
Shoppers can find wipes in individual or bulk packs, depending on their needs. Each container has a resealable opening, either with a label that folds over the dispenser or a lock-tight snap lid that keeps moisture from escaping. Nice-n-Clean mainly uses plastic packaging that's recyclable and easy to transport. Stick them in a diaper bag, purse or even a pocket to keep them close by at all times.
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Nice-N-Clean Unscented Baby Wipes, 12/Pack
Item : 114005
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  • 7'' L x 8'' W
  • Unscented
  • Alcohol-free
52.19 $52.19
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PDI® Nice N Clean® Baby Wipes, 80 Wipes/PK, 12/CT
Item : SS4321437
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  • Pre-moistened with a mild cleansing solution
  • Gentle enough for face and hands
  • Alcohol-free formula
As low as 61.19 $61.19
Multiple options available