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Designed for both personal and business use, Microsoft Windows operating systems provide individuals with an easy-to-use interface that adapts to their needs. The computer software boasts compatibility with most PC hardware and software and comes with frequent updates. Whether at work or home, Staples has the OS and other great office supplies to fit your needs.

User-Friendly and Familiar

Windows operating systems have an interface that is both familiar and friendly to users. Windows XP, was the first version that featured the simple interface that developed into the versions you see today. While the release of each version of the Windows operating system produces changes to how individuals use their desktop and what they do with it, each release maintains a consistent design that makes navigation easy to understand. Recognizable features and applications make it simple to transition from older versions like XP to later ones like Windows 8 and 10.

Windows also has a variety of tax return solutions, as well as financial support.

Compatible With PC Hardware

From single-use home versions to Windows servers, this operating system software is popular among users because of its hardware compatibility. Windows device drivers let the systems work with many different types of memory chips, motherboards, USB devices, processors and internal disk drives. To make things easier for both home and business users, Windows operating systems offer simple plug-and-use functionality. With the installation of the correct drivers, these systems automatically recognize new hardware and make it possible to use the hardware quickly and effortlessly.

Software Compatibility

Most software applications available today feature Windows compatibility. Many older programs compatible with versions like XP and 7 are also available in newer versions for recent OS versions like Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. A wide selection of user-friendly operating system software is available through both disc installation and download.

Improve PC Performance With Frequent Updates

Windows works to provide both older and more recent versions of their operating system software with frequent updates to improve the performance of the software. These updates help fix known problems or prevent futures issues from occurring. They also help certain programs and applications run more efficiently and ensure the system's built-in security feature, Microsoft Defender, has the information necessary to protect you from cyber threats.

When it comes to home or business computers, Windows operating systems offer the benefits and features users need to get the most out of their PC use. Choose Windows 8, XP or other operating system software and enjoy compatibility with both hardware and software, user-friendly infrastructure and frequent updates.
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