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PNY USB Flash Drives

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Whether you use your computer for commercial or personal work, it's important to have the ability to quickly and easily transfer files to other devices. PNY® flash drives contain large amounts of internal memory for file storage and are convenient to carry and use. There are several styles and capabilities to choose from and all models include safety features to protect your data from physical destruction and digital corruption. Choose the flash drive that meets your needs to enjoy an easy and secure way to store and transfer data.

Features of PNY Flash Drives
There are several styles of PNY flash drives, usually differentiated by storage space. There are flash drives with storage sizes as low as 16GB to over 512GB. Nearly all models use USB ports to connect to the computer to upload and download files. Flash drives are small, usually under 6 inches long and less than 1 inch thick. Some micro-size models are significantly smaller and are designed to be left in a computer's USB drive for long periods of time without disrupting operation or transportation.

The flash drive's shell is plastic or metal with silver and black being the most common colors. Most models include a sliding or removable cover on the USB connector to protect it from debris and damage. PNY USB drives can store most file types including documents, pictures, videos, and music. Some styles include built-in hardware to fasten the flash drive to a keyring, lanyard, or backpack.

Additional Considerations for PNY USB Drives
One of the most important aspects of a USB drive is the storage size. Choose a size that is larger than the amount of files requiring storage to ensure optimal space for the future. Compatibility with a computer is essential, and most PNY drives are designed for use with USB 2.0 or 3.0 hardware. USB 3.0 devices offer significantly faster data speeds than USB 2.0. A PNY 128GB flash drive with USB 3.0 capability can achieve transfer speeds above 115MB/sec. USB 3.0 drives are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports in most cases, though they will transfer data at lower speeds.

Are PNY Flash Drives Sold Individually or in Bulk?
Most flash drives are sold individually, ensuring an option with the exact specifications needed. There are also find bulk packages of PNY drives, usually with 2 to 10 drives per package. Bulk sets are ideal for schools and offices to ensure each employee has a compatible flash drive.

Do PNY Flash Drives Work With All Operating Systems?
Most PNY drives are designed to work with Windows and Mac operating systems. The product documentation includes specifics about which operating system versions are compatible.

Are PNY USB Drives Compatible With Apple iPhones and iPads?
There are some PNY drives designed to transfer data between Apple devices and Windows or Mac computers. These drives usually include both a USB and a lightning connector and there are some "power pack" drives that can also charge the batteries of the iPhone or iPad. Some models allow content sharing and management between the device and computer using an app. You can also stream music or video data from the computer to the Apple device without a wireless network.
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PNY Elite Turbo Attache 3 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (P-FD128TBOP-GE)
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