Paint & Paint Supplies

Painting Supplies include everything from the brushes and rollers to the primer and paint you need to finish the job. Don't forget to include paint trays and cleanup supplies. Whether you're painting a house or retouching an old piece of furniture, stock up on paint and paint supplies before you start.

Add Color to Your Home
Primer helps you prepare the area before you start to paint. Add a layer of color with a variety of paints from manufacturers such as Industrial Choice and Krylon.

Get Complete Coverage
Paint rollers and paint brushes give you the ability to cover large surfaces or do small detailed painting. Sprayers provide a quick way to completely cover an area with paint.

Mark Any Surface
Aerosol spray paints and paint supplies let you make your mark on any surface, from metal to concrete. Choose fluorescent colors or metallic tones to make your markings stand out. Paint strippers can help you remove existing paint if needed.