Easy-to-Use Paint Sprayers

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Binks3MMutual Industries
Mutual Industries Applicator Wand, 34"
Item #1025716
Model #4000-34
  • Applicator wand
  • Size: 34"
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Binks® Tank Liners, 9.80 gal
Item #711123
Model #105-PTL-408-K20
  • Capacity volume: 9.8 gallons
  • Material: Polyethylene
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Binks® Spray Guns, 1/4 X 3/8
Out of Stock
Item #702104
Model #105-6530-0000-1
  • Inlet size: 1/4-inch NPSM
  • Fluid inlet: 3/8-inch NPSM
3M™ Paint Preparation System™ Liner Kit
Out of Stock
Item #1162002
Model #405051131-16114
  • Filter size: 200 Micron
  • 3M paint preparation system (PPS) comprises calibrated mixing cups, flexible liners, lids with built-in filters, and locking rings
Complete painting jobs on various surfaces and materials with paint sprayers from Staples. Options include adjustable paint guns that make it easy to create vertical, horizontal, and other paint patterns. Choose from paint spray gun brands such as 3M, Earlex, and Binks, to provide your business or home with a useful tool. Flexible tubes are available on select models to simplify the painting process when you’re outdoors or in small rooms. 

Features of heavy-duty paint sprayers 
The push-and-click adjuster on select paint sprayers makes it easy to switch between different paint patterns. Paint containers on some sprayers feature a layer of Teflon on the inside that ensures simple and quick cleanups. Individuals can adjust the flow while painting by using the paint volume control knob. The durable metal material ensures that paint spray guns won’t break down over a long period.

Multiple uses for spray guns
Some models are suitable for cleaning engines with solvents, which is a more specific spray-type task. With a flow rate of 14 CFM, it’s easy to spray solvents and clean engines efficiently. Applicator wands are available for more demanding painting tasks that are otherwise out of reach. Individuals can use several types of paints with these spray guns, including acrylics, glazes, and varnishes. This makes paint sprayers suitable for businesses that offer multiple services in the automotive industry. 

Advantages of using a paint sprayer
Because of the convenient design, users can switch between different colors without having to do any cleaning. This feature makes the tool a timesaving solution because employees can prepare multiple finishes and swap between them. A storage hook on the top of the paint sprayer makes it easy to work while on the ladder. With the cup size of one quart, employees in paint job companies can perform complex painting tasks. 

What are some benefits of unique paint spray supplies?
Paint preparation liner kits are suitable for painting different types of vehicles in auto services. It’s possible to save extra paint after extensive painting projects and store it in liner kits. The durable material with a cap design preserves paint for the long term. Disposable liner kits with a capacity of 9.8 gallons are available to accommodate cleaning services. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip when spraying paint on walls, vehicles, and other objects. The heavy-duty design makes the spray guns fitting for indoor and outdoor applications. 

What kind of technology is available with these paint spray guns?
Select paint sprays feature the innovative High Volume, Low Pressure, or HVLP technology, which ensures timely and consistent results. The spray gun should have low pressure, while a high volume of air is necessary to propel the paint evenly. This technology prevents excessive overspray, which makes it a cost-effective and mess-free solution for paint jobs. 

Where is it best to use paint spray guns?
Workers can use paint sprayers to increase efficiency and save time when dealing with building complexes, for example. With thousands of tiny particles spraying outward, it’s easy to cover a large area using minimal effort.