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Panasonic Fax Machines

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Get a Panasonic® fax machine for your office to quickly send important business documents to your clients. Fax machines are essential as most organizations still create and share paper documents. Faxing is a faster way of sending and receiving printed business correspondence than traditional mail. Staples® has a wide selection of fax machines from multiple brands.

Choose Between Dedicated and Multifunction Panasonic Fax Machines
When classified by printing technologies, there are three types of fax machines: ribbon transfer, inkjet, and laser. Ribbon transfer models use heat to imprint ink onto paper. They are good enough for personal use and ideal for those that send faxes occasionally. Inkjet models offer better print quality and faster faxing speeds. Laser models are even faster and have lower running costs. Panasonic mostly makes laser fax machines. The brand offers them as standalone and multifunction machines, which also serve as a printer, scanner, and copier. A dedicated fax usually has more faxing features than a multifunction model. Choose it if you send and receive a lot of faxes every day.

Key Features to Consider When Comparing Panasonic Fax Machines
A fax machine uses a telephone modem to transmit the images it generates from scanned documents. The speed of this modem determines how many pages the machine can send per minute. To avoid delays, get a model with a fast G3 modem. This has a transmission speed of 33.6kbps. If you do not send a lot of faxes, you can still make do with a fax modem that transmits at 14.4kbps. Paper capacity is another important feature to consider when shopping for fax machines. If you are getting one for your business, look for a model with a tray that can hold at least 250 sheets. Some have trays with expandable capacities while others feature multiple paper trays. Other useful features to consider include broadcasting and speed dial. Broadcasting refers to the ability to fax documents to multiple recipients at once. Models with speed dial can store frequently dialed numbers and help users save time when sending faxes to them.

Can You Use a Panasonic Fax Machine to Receive Calls?
Some of Panasonic's dedicated fax machines can also receive voice calls. These may have integrated answering machines or require users to add their own answering devices. Choose such hybrid machines if you want to manage faxes and voice calls with a single telephone line.

Should You Consider Memory Size When Comparing Panasonic Fax Machines?
Yes. A fax machine uses its memory for storing incoming and outgoing documents before printing them. The higher the memory available, the better the quality of printed faxes and the more documents the machine can queue up for printing. This is important to prevent document loss when the machine is out of paper. Business fax machines can typically store up to 500 pages while most entry-level models can hold at least 25 pages in memory.

Can You Send Double-Sided Faxes With a Panasonic Fax Machine?
You can do this on some models. These are usually business fax machines with automatic document feeders. These can send double-sided documents as long as they are not bigger than legal-size sheets. Models that support duplex faxing can also save paper if they support duplex printing as well.
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Panasonic Compact Plain-Paper Fax Machine/Copier (KX-FP215)
Item : 975307 / Model : KX-FP215
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  • 14.4 kbps fax modem broadcasts faxes at up to 8 seconds per page
  • 20-sheet paper capacity
  • 10-page auto document feeder helps you fax and copy high-volume documents quickly
106.39 $106.39