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Staples® Translucent Pencil Boxes
Item #SS1074031
  • Available in translucent clear and translucent blue
  • Secure lid with snap closure
Multiple options
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Staples Pencil Pouch, Assorted ColorsStaples Pencil Pouch, Assorted Colors
16% off
Item #24326196
Model #53276
  • 3 re-enforced metal rings for secure fit in binder
  • Smaller mesh pocket provides visibility and quick access
Reg.  $2.99
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Staples Plastic Zipper Pouch, Assorted (45019-CC)
20% off
In store only
Item #206193
Model #58572-CC
  • Staples pencil case with zipper helps keep kids from losing their school supplies
  • Comes in assorted colors
Reg.  $2.49
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Staples Zipper Canvas Pouch, Black (24220)
Item #472597
Model #24220
  • Staples 3-ring pencil pouch has three reinforced holes for easily snapping into your binder
  • The pouch comes in black color and is made of canvas material for durability
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Advantus® Binder Pencil Pouch, Black/Clear, 10"(H) x 7 3/8"(W)Advantus® Binder Pencil Pouch, Black/Clear, 10"(H) x 7 3/8"(W)
Item #AVT67024
Model #67024
  • Fits all standard 3-ring binders
  • Rivet enforced binder holes provides strength and durability
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Vangoddy Pencil Holder Pen Marker Pouch Large Capacity Organizer Storage with Zipper 3 Pack (PT_000001194)Vangoddy Pencil Holder Pen Marker Pouch Large Capacity Organizer Storage with Zipper 3 Pack (PT_000001194)
Item #24339799
Model #PT_000001194
  • Handy pencil pouch that can conveniently store pens, pencils, art paint brushes and other accessories
  • Nylon and Neoprene material is water and rip resistant
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Staples Pencil Case, Assorted Colors, 7-1/2" x 3" x 1"
46% off
Item #24326197
Model #53277
  • Lightweight but sturdy solid color pencil case
  • Assorted colors: Blue, Teal, Pink and Clear
Reg.  $2.79
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Staples® Pencil Pouch
In store only
Item #600857
Model #40413-CC/39555
  • Three hole punched to fit in your binder, re-enforced with metal rings
  • Smaller mesh pocket provides visibility and quick access
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Global Art Classic Zipper Leather Cases, Tan (PC/SC)
Item #2169164
Model #32826
  • Handcrafted from the best top gain natural leather
  • A beautiful and durable case
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Poppin® Pencil Pouch, Luxe Gold (100996)Poppin® Pencil Pouch, Luxe Gold (100996)
Item #1037582
Model #100996
  • Luxe gold pencil pouch
  • Fully lined in durable Coral cotton canvas
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Organize and Protect Pencils, Crayons, and MarkersEnsure your children are prepared for class with pencil holders that hold all their necessary writing supplies. Let students choose from a variety of colors and styles to find an option that meets their personal preferences and school requirements. Stock an extra holder with homework supplies.

An Option for Every Age
Elementary school students often need large boxes to hold crayons and glue sticks. Older students benefit from full-size pouches that also include room for a cellphone, a note from home, and lunch money. Large pouches also hold small math tools such as protractors and compasses. Colorful options offer an array of choices for both boys and girls, and decorative patterns let students express their personal style.

Sturdy Protection
Mechanical pencils and crayons break easily if they are jostled or dropped, which drives up your school supply costs and leaves students disappointed and unprepared. Plastic cases offer an extra buffer for writing utensils, and they easily fit in backpacks or desk cubbies. Three-ring pouches fit standard binders, and they have reinforced holes to prevent tears from students opening the pouches several times a day.

Good for Travel
Few things make the miles go by quicker for children such as a new set of crayons. For your next trip, pack a box with new crayons, pencils, and markers, and enjoy the silence as your children draw their next masterpieces. The box keeps stray writing materials all in one place as you travel.

Big Enough to Share
Choose deep pencil holders for classrooms and playrooms, and load the boxes with multiple packages of pencils or crayons. The large boxes hold enough writing materials for a table of students or for siblings to share.

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