Plant Germination

Whether you're a landscaping professional or a hobby gardener, products that encourage plant growth increase your yield. Ideal for ornamental greenery and flowers, plant germination products make climate control simple. Create your own garden paradise or brighten up your greenhouse with ease.

Simple Installation
Landscaping light fixtures come with brackets and foam strips, making installation a snap. Some models are also backward-compatible with earlier versions, so there's no need to purchase new mounting supplies when you replace one of your grow lights. Simply install the brackets and mount the equipment according to the instructions.

Safe Light Source
Plant germination products increase ambient lighting without overheating, making them a safe alternative to lighting equipment not intended for use in a greenhouse. Each item has a bulb that's safe to use 24 hours per day. These products also work well with cones and other supplies used to direct light at leaves, making them a good addition to any gardener's toolkit.

Business Growth
Keep lens systems and reflectors on hand so you can help customers who need plant propagation services. Offering additional services such as garden pest control or lawn maintenance makes you a valuable resource for your clients. Generate additional revenue by offering to install these systems in home greenhouses.

Easy Handling
If you're a sole proprietor, using lightweight products makes it easy to install and maintain your own grow systems. Several products weigh less than 10 pounds, so there's no need to hire a helper if you need to replace or move one of your lights. If you need germination products for your home garden, lightweight systems are easy to use without assistance.