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Safco® Drawer Divider for 5-Drawer Flat File Cabinet, Black (4980)
Item #278892
Model #4980
  • Black
  • Dimensions: 1 1/2"H x11"W x 1"D
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Moll® Organizer Set for Deluxe Binder & File Carousel Shelving (CLOS)Moll® Organizer Set for Deluxe Binder & File Carousel Shelving (CLOS)
Item #277948
Model #CLOS
  • Vertical file with 20 dividers that can hold up to 120 files, magazines or other media
  • Crafted from a combo of sturdy plastic and graphite material in a neutral gray finish that blends in effortlessly into existing decor
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Moll® Pull Out Shelf for Deluxe Binder & File Carousel Shelving (CLPS)Moll® Pull Out Shelf for Deluxe Binder & File Carousel Shelving (CLPS)
Item #277945
Model #CLPS
  • Graphite, plastic
  • Dimensions: 2" x 18" x 30"
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Plastic file cabinets are practical office storage solutions. They come in many different styles and sizes so that any workspace can benefit from their durability and practicality. Staples' selection of file storage solutions includes products from well-known brands that offer consistent quality.

Designs That Suits Your Space
Choose a file cabinet that suits your tasks and available space. Two-drawer plastic cabinets are compact and suitable for use in task-specific areas or at remote locations. Usually only about 2 feet tall, they can provide extra surface space, allowing you to place lightweight office equipment on them. Plastic file cabinets can also have multiple-drawer designs and are available in compact and wide widths. This lets some models hold both letter and legal-size files as well as miscellaneous objects.

Other options include mini file cabinets with just one drawer. They're suitable for use on a desk to keep a small collection of files close at hand. Place one on a table for handy reference at conferences and trade shows. This allows workers to seamlessly update information throughout the day and keeps the table organized.

For tight spaces with lots of storage needs, consider a carousel-style cabinet that you can turn to access shelves and drawers on each of its sides. Since they turn, you can place them next to a wall or in the middle of the room. Carousel pieces come with drawers or shelves and are available in round and square shapes. Round carousels are especially well suited to holding binders, which fit neatly without gaps. Opt for a desktop storage solution so you can access all your files without getting up.

Easy to Move and Handle
These file cabinets are built to be easy to move, thanks to their lightweight plastic construction. Plastic also helps them move silently, unlike metal options, which can also be distracting to open and close. Many models feature optional wheels, and some have casters that glide easily over both carpet and hard flooring. Quickly transport files from one workstation to another with a wheeled model.

Plastic Cabinets are Strong and Practical
These cabinets can be extremely durable, with some versions made of tough materials such as polypropylene or high-density polyethylene. These materials are suited for warehouses and other sites that can be tough on equipment. Even basic acrylic cabinets are strong enough to withstand very heavy use without cracking or breaking. If you plan to place the cabinet in a client-facing area, opt for a model made of high-quality plastic in muted hues such as taupe, gray and black.

Plastic construction enables office furniture to have non-marring exteriors, so they look good year after year and are easy to clean with soap and water when necessary. Their smooth surfaces are less likely to snag clothes or cause uncomfortable bumps than versions made of harder materials. These attributes are especially useful in classroom and childcare settings but are appreciated in any office.

Useful Features
For convenient organization, some plastic file cabinets have clear sleeves on the front to hold label cards. Many models are lockable for extra security, so they're handy in healthcare facilities and human resources offices. Easy-grip handholds and drawer pulls are pleasant to use and offer a finished look.