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Learning Advantage
Learning Advantage™ Water Play Tool Set, 27/Set
Item #1110868
Model #CTU7007
  • Type: Water play tool set
  • Includes: Buckets, sand/water wheel, funnels, measuring cups and pitchers, spray and pump water bottles, water toys, plastic pipettes and tubing for water exploration
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Pool play toys encourage young swimmers to feel comfortable in the water. Colorful aquatic animal shapes help kids create imaginative underwater games. Little ones are able to splash around, dive, float, and perform amusing underwater acrobatics while building essential motor skills.

Creative and Interactive Play
Motivate children to stay active and use their imaginations with engaging pool activities starring whimsical ocean animals. Pool play games create an interactive experience, challenging kids to search for hidden items and capture scattered pieces.

Skill-Building Recreation
Whether they involve diving for sinker pool toys or tossing beanbags at floating targets, pool play games help children develop coordination skills. Children are too busy enjoying the water to notice the cognitive boosts they get from playing alphabet and memory games.

Outdoor-Safe Construction
Pool play games are safe for use in indoor or outdoor swimming areas and come with convenient storage bags to prevent lost pieces. Brands like Melissa & Doug offer durable, fade-resistant construction that resists wear from frequent sun and chlorine exposure.