Posters & Charts

Charts and posters are excellent inspirational and teaching tools. They include products designed for most age groups and cover a broad range of subjects. Blank materials like poster boards are ideal for creating custom displays or showing off special projects, and organizational products keep students on track throughout the year.

Staples carries wall charts and blank materials from manufacturers such as Pacon, Carson Dellosa and Trend Enterprises.

Classroom Posters Enhance the Learning Process

Many posters and learning charts have educational themes that enhance lesson plans and provide extra information to interested students. They cover many different subjects, including language arts, math, health, technology and more.

Poster boards also focus on specific age groups, so they can help young children learn the alphabet or basic numbers, or teach older students essential skills such as computer use or advanced language concepts. Some learning posters include additional materials, such as reproducible handouts printed on the back, that further enhance their teaching value.

Inspire Success and Cooperation With Illustrative Poster Boards

Poster boards also deliver positive messages about learning, social interactions and classroom behavior. Inspirational charts often include cute and amusing images that attract attention and invite discussion. Encourage self-confidence and respect for others with inspirational messages focused on personal attitudes and cooperation or inspire extra effort with posters that highlight positive thinking, learning methods and creativity. You can also start discussions about specific topics with themed posters that focus on issues such as bullying, computer safety or healthy eating habits.

Organize Classroom Activity

Charts and poster boards can educate and inspire, and also help organize information and keep students on track. Products such as daily objectives or job charts provide structure for activities and serve as a visible reminder to students.

Charts that outline good study habits ensure students complete assignments correctly, and tracking posters for life events such as lost teeth or birthdays inspire positive social interactions in the classroom. Recognition charts track attendance or encourage learning, and there are even wall posters that help teachers deal with stressful situations such as fire drills.

Poster Boards That Have Practical and Durable Displays

Most posters and charts feature rugged materials such as heavy duty cardboard, kraft paper or foam board. Blank boards and presentation displays accept a variety of media, making them ideal for custom posters, art projects or learning displays.

Products with dry erase or wipe off surfaces can be reused many times. Folding boards make it easy to store materials when they're not in use.

Inspirational and classroom posters come in a range of sizes. Colorful 17 x 22-inch posters fit on most bulletin boards or doors, while larger 20 x 30-inch products fill empty walls in hallways or classrooms.

Posters and charts combine inspirational messaging with educational and organizational tools to create a classroom environment that encourages learning and positive social interactions. Designed for all ages and many subjects, these products can add value to any classroom.

Explore the many options available at Staples and find the right message or educational tool for any group of students.

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