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Elmer's Foam Display Boards, 24" x 18", White, 2/Pack (950023)
Item #2637984
Model #950023ELM
  • These foam boards are perfect for crafts, school projects, framing, and mounting
  • 2'H x 1.5'W x 0.1875"D board size
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Staples® White Corrugated Display BoardStaples® White Corrugated Display Board
Item #302919
Model #730190
  • Presentation board is ideal for sales presentations, exhibits, and display purposes
  • Board dimensions: 36"H x 48"W
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Staples Premium Poster Board, 22" x 28", White, 5/Pack (28128)
Item #1213774
Model #28128-US
  • Poster board is ideal for signs, posters, and mounting
  • Measures 22"H x 28"W overall
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Staples Poster Board, 22" x 28" White, 10/Pack (28126)Staples Poster Board, 22" x 28" White, 10/Pack (28126)
Item #247403
Model #28126-US
  • Poster board is ideal for signs, posters, and mounting
  • Measures 22"H x 28"W overall
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Elmer's Foam Poster Board, 30" x 40", White, 10/Carton (900803)Elmer's Foam Poster Board, 30" x 40", White, 10/Carton (900803)
Item #506832
Model #900803
  • Poster board is ideal for signs, posters, and mounting
  • Measures 30"H x 40"W overall
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Pacon Poster Boards, 28" x 22", Assorted Colors, 25/Carton (54871)
Item #726421
Model #54871
  • Poster board is ideal for signs, posters, and mounting
  • Measures 28"H x 22"W overall
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Royal Brites Vanishing Grid Foam Board, 20" x 30", 2/Pack (72710)
In store only
Item #619707
Model #72710
  • 20" x 30"
  • Double sided foam board with lightly printed grid
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Elmer's Pre-Cut Foam Boards, 11" x 14", White, 4/Pack (950021)
Item #2638309
Model #ELM950021
  • Pre-cut sheets are uniform and even in size
  • Lightweight but strong and rigid to resist denting and crushing
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Seco 36" x 48" Snapframe Poster Frame, Silver  (32SN3648-SV)Seco 36" x 48" Snapframe Poster Frame, Silver  (32SN3648-SV)
Item #24287993
Model #32SN3648-SV
  • No need to remove the frame from the wall when changing posters
  • Durable Silver powder coated aluminum frame
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Duck® Clear Laminate, 18" x 8 Yards/RollDuck® Clear Laminate, 18" x 8 Yards/Roll
Item #825000
Model #22220
  • 6.25mils thick
  • High quality adhesive vinyl laminate
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Display boards offer a good way to make an impression at a conference, create a sign for an office event or craft a poster for a school project. With a variety of sizes, materials, designs, and colors to choose from, there's a good match for every task. Sturdy corrugated and foam boards are durable, and models with fold-out easels or tri-fold panels stand on their own. Choose black or white foam boards or use a bright color for an attention-grabbing background. Small posters are suitable for craft projects and counter displays, and medium and large panels make an ideal presentation and exhibit pieces. Reusable fabric panels are handy for trade shows and traveling exhibits. Select a new display board as a part of your overall Office Supplies purchase.

Tri-Fold and Easel Design Display Boards Stand Up On Their Own
For a display that stands up on a table or counter, tri-fold and easel versions are good choices. A tri-fold design lays flat, and the sides fold inward, making a stable three-panel display. The folding panels make it easy to carry and also break up the surface into three segments that are easy to decorate. Poster boards have a flap on the back that folds for storage and pulls out to make a built-in stand.

Foam or Corrugated Cardboard Display Boards Are Sturdy
For a strong board, choose foam-backed paper or corrugated cardboard, which is rigid, so they sit easily on an easel or table. Both styles feature a smooth surface that provides a blank slate for signs, presentations and craft projects. Foam boards are lightweight and resist bending, folding and tearing, while cardboard boards are durable and easy to cut.

Bright Colored Display Boards Deliver an Eye-Catching Background
With bright-colored presentation boards, students and professionals can make attractive exhibits and displays without spending a lot of time decorating them. For a professional-looking presentation or poster, just print out titles and information panels, then attach them to the board with glue or double-sided tape. Bright display boards are also a good choice for temporary wall and sidewalk signs for parties and garage sales.

The Right Sized Display Board for Every Use
Whether you need a board for a corporate event or a poster board for a school project, there's a variety of sizes to choose from. Large 36 x 48-inch boards are ideal for research presentations and small conference or trade show exhibits. Medium-size panels are an excellent choice for student projects and signs. Smaller posters work well for compact displays and craft projects.

Reusable Display Board Designs Are Ideal for Exhibits
Busy students and conference and trade show exhibitors will appreciate reusable boards that are covered in a sturdy Velcro-friendly fabric. Fabric panels are fast and easy to erect, and display elements can be temporarily affixed with push pins, tacks or Velcro. Most models have a lightweight and durable aluminum or PVC frame and sturdy hinges that are designed for frequent use. Display boards are an excellent addition to any school supplies list.

Display Boards for Long-Lasting Results
Keep your project clean and free of creases and dents with display systems that come with built-in protection. Boards with clear laminate covers safeguard the surface of your presentation from dust, dirt, and spills, and sturdy cases keep panels secure during storage or travel.

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