Pricing Tags & Retail Tags

Pricing tags and retail tags make it easy to show customers your retail prices. Simply type, write, or print the current price on the tag, and attach it to the items. Retail tags are also great for tracking current inventory levels in your retail store.

Simple Tracking
Retail tags provide plenty of room for tracking information, including quantity per pallet or box and a description of the contents. This makes them invaluable for monthly inventory checks and tax collection purposes. The simple tracking tools can help prevent potentially costly errors.

Easy Application
Most modern pricing tags and retail tags simply tie directly onto the product or pallet of products. Some tags feature self-adhesive backings that allow you to place them on items for sale as though they were labels. For quick and easy application of tens or hundreds of pricing tags and self-adhesive retail tags, try pricing and tagging guns.

Quick Changing
The use of pricing tags and retail tags makes it easy to change prices or update inventory levels. Simply swap out the existing tag for a new one with current prices or quantities. The ability to quickly change tags ensures that your customers will always see the right price and helps with the accuracy of your inventory counts.

Multiple Shapes and Sizes
Pricing and retail tags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Use differently shaped tags to organize inventory in a stockroom more easily or to mark sale and clearance items on your sales floor. Mix and match shapes and sizes to create a customized organization system for your business.