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Whether you're printing out spreadsheets and sensitive information at the office or producing student projects and precious family photos at home, the right printer is an essential device. Choose from large laser printers, all-in-one models, inkjet printers and monochrome, color, photo and rugged, compact mobile printers. Staples has you covered, whatever your printing needs, with all the best printer deals for the home or the office.

Inkjet Printers for Cost-Effective, High-Quality Printing

When you're shopping for a great printer deal for low to medium monthly volumes and you want high-quality images, an inkjet printer is a smart purchase. These printers are well-suited to use in the home or in small offices, providing clean, smudge-free prints that are more resilient over the long term than those from laser models. Inkjet printers tend to be more budget-friendly than laser printers, and the ink cartridges are easier and less messy to replace.

Laser Printers for Efficient High-Volume Printing

While laser printers are more expensive initially, their toner cartridges accommodate a much higher volume than ink cartridges, require less frequent cartridge replacement, and they aren't prone to clogging. For medium- and high-volume printing, laser models represent the best printer deals because they are faster, with some models capable of printing 63 pages per minute (ppm). Laser printers have larger duty cycles, which represents the maximum recommended number of pages you can print in a month without risking damage or increased maintenance to the printer, making these models best suited for high-volume printing. Because they use lasers, these printers are exceptionally precise, producing crisp, detailed text and images, although you do need to allow each page some drying time so it doesn't smudge.

All-in-One Printers Increase Efficiency

All-in-one printers increase efficiency and save money and space. They are solid options for businesses of all sizes, as well as for home and student use. These models offer printing, copying and scanning functions, and some also include fax capabilities for maximum versatility. All-in-ones are a greener, more energy-efficient choice, as consumers only need to power one device, rather than three or four. Many models allow you to maximize energy savings with an eco-smart sleep mode.

Multiple Connectivity Options Boost Versatility

A printer with multiple connectivity options boosts efficiency and convenience. Look for wireless models that are compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They let users print from any device that's connected to the network, so you don't need to transfer files or data from mobile devices to a laptop or desktop. Instead, simply print right from the mobile device through a compatible app. A USB port provides a reliable wired connection between a printer and a single laptop or desktop, while an Ethernet to router connection offers a solid wired printer network that won't hog Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Every home and office needs a quality printer that offers clean, clear text and images. An all-in-one model that's mobile-friendly offers versatility and convenience. Staples offers great value printer deals for all budgets. Consider the maximum number of pages you need to print per month, the speed at which you want to print them, your budget and the available space to get the right printer.