Rehabilitation & Therapeutic Equipment

Stock your physical therapy facility or gym with convenient and user-friendly rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment. From injury-specific devices to general-use products, you'll find something for every patient. Choose rehab products from trusted brands like Cando and Fabrication Enterprises.

Multiple Purposes
Rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment can aid patients in a variety of pursuits, from recovering balance to strengthening hand-eye coordination. Use strap-on weights to help rebuild muscle strength after an injury or a period of bed rest. Use bands and straps to build range of motion in elderly patients and activity aprons for tactile stimulation.

Flexible Audiences
To increase the viability of treatment plans, choose products that relate to your target audience. Keep children engaged with brightly colored balls and wands. Turn rehab into an exciting experience with ring toss games and balance boards. Choose child-specific products that are sized specifically for small hands and feet. Make the waiting room more fun with kids games and toys.

High Performance
Get the most out of your investment with high-performance rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment that is suited to a wide range of people. Choose pedal exercisers or bicycles to provide aerobic development for non-walking patients. To help develop upper body strength, opt for standing or ergonomic tabletop options for easy arm and shoulder workouts. Many models are adjustable, so you can configure them to suit people of all sizes and activity levels.

Convenient Instruction
Develop a recovery plan with the help of convenient guides. Books are available on a variety of subjects, from physical and cognitive disability to cognitive performance modes. Each one is updated with the latest in theory and practice, so you can stay informed about research and treatment methods.