Rock 'N Learn® DVD Programs, Multiplication Rock

Item #: 847148 | Model #: RL-922

About this product

Multiplication rock DVD video program helps students learn quickly along with singing.

Learning multiplication doesn't have to be dull, especially when you rock Upbeat music, energetic performers, and plenty of action make these multiplication rock songs favorites with kids of all ages.

  • Age group and grade: Ages 6 - 12 and grades 6th - 12th
  • Subject: Multiplication
  • Usage ideas: Students learn quickly along with singing
  • Length: 30 minutes approximate
  • Includes multiply with power (0x, 1x), multiply two (2x), multiples of three (3x), hang around (4x), numbers beat (5x), prime time (6x), doing alright (7x), singing along (8x), quick reaction (9x)
  • DVD uses energetic performers and colorful animation to hold attention and high interest for learners of all abilities
  • Addition and subtraction feature facts up to 18, multiplication covers facts up to 12, division includes divisors up to 9
  • Make math hip with this cool DVD program