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Starfrit Salad Spinner, Green/White (093028-002-0000)
Item #24178250
Model #SRFT093028
  • 5qt capacity
  • Push-button spin
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Oster Kitchen Artistry Salad Spinner, Lime Green (92106.03)
Out of Stock
Item #24195066
Model #935101191M
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Locking Lid
Nutrichef Electric Salad Shooter and Shredder; Multicolor (pkels70)Nutrichef Electric Salad Shooter and Shredder; Multicolor (pkels70)
Out of Stock
Item #2120802
Model #93595216M
  • Dimensions: 11.1"H x 6.2"W x 10.8"D
  • Comes in multicolor
Serve healthy salads to your family with no mess or fuss when you make them in a convenient salad spinner. Use the inner section as a separate colander, then serve in the outer bowl. Prepare and transport salads for potlucks and gatherings easily in a ready-to-serve spinner.

Strains Liquids
Many salad spinners have removable colanders that let you use the outer compartment as a convenient salad bowl, simplifying your serving and cleaning process. Choose a salad spinner with a lid that locks and allows you to strain liquids away from the inner contents to let your spinner do double duty as a pasta drainer. An attractive exterior lets you show up at the potluck or family gathering with an elegant salad all ready to display and eat.

Provides Exceptional Versatility
Opt for a salad spinner with a snap-on set of slicing blades to let you grate cheese, julienne ham, or shred carrots on the fly; with individual blades available for slicing, grating, shredding, and julienning, you can easily fill your salad with bright colors and interesting shapes to please the eye. Add your salad spinner to your set of sifters, strainers, and colanders to make sure you always have the right tools for the job.

Cleans Easily
Wash and dry fresh vegetables easily using a salad spinner with quick pull-cord action. On some models, simple pump-action allows you to spin your salad at maximum speed and stop the spinning with just a push of a button. With all the elements dishwasher safe, cleaning the pieces of your salad spinner, then snapping them back together, becomes a breeze.