Cooking & Food Preparation

Update your professional kitchen with cooking and food preparation tools that boost efficiency and productivity. Use mills, grinders, and shavers to add the perfect finishing touch to each dish. Give your diners control over salt and pepper consumption by placing shakers and mills on each table.

Preparation Tools
Give your line cooks and chefs the tools they need for quick and efficiency food preparation by keeping a wide array of utensils on hand. Choose professional-grade knife sets to make short work of meats in need of butchering and vegetables in need of chopping. Meat slicers allow you to prepare thin meats for your deli counter to your customers' exact specifications. Sturdy spoons and spatulas let your staff mix batter and stir simmering foods on your stove.

Convenient Cooking
Ensure you have a wide array of pots and pans on hand to tackle any cooking need that arises. Choose large slow cookers that cook stews, soups, and beans while keeping them piping hot throughout your dinner service. Select electric grills to supplement your griddle, allowing you to serve perfectly cooked meat with ease. Discover sets that cover all the basics when it comes to saucepans and skillets to prevent slowdowns in the back during busy services.

Efficient Baking
Keep tools and supplies on hand that make baking a breeze in dining establishments that offer fresh breads and succulent desserts. Choose bakeware designed to stand the test of time, and find specialty options, such as muffin pans, for interesting presentations. Keep a ready supply of oven mitts and potholders on hand to ensure worker safety when removing hot items from your countertop oven.