Samsung Computer Monitors

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Improve employee productivity by equipping their workspaces with Samsung monitors. This brand offers LCD and LED models of computer displays in multiple sizes. They include units for home and office users as well as professional monitors for gaming and entertainment PCs. You can find a wide selection of these high-definition Samsung displays at Staples®.

Choose Between Curved and Flat Samsung Monitors
In addition to traditional flat monitors, Samsung also makes a number of curved displays. These have concave shapes with their side edges curved forward. Besides an eye-catching design, a curved monitor offers certain functional advantages. It provides a wider field of view and delivers a more immersive viewing experience than a flat screen. The curved shape of the display panel also reduces glare in brightly lit rooms. To fully enjoy the benefits of a curved monitor, you need a model with a wide panel and you must be sitting close to it and in the middle of the curve. Flat monitors have no such restrictions. They are also a better choice if you want a multi-monitor setup for your desk.

Features to Consider When Shopping for Samsung Monitors
Size and resolution are the most important features to consider when comparing computer monitors. You should get a model that is the right size for your desk. Units that are 20 inches or smaller are good enough for most users. Bigger models are better for watching movies, playing games, and working with multiple windows side-by-side. The minimum resolution to look for in a PC monitor is 1366 x 768 pixels. If you opt for a unit that measures 20 inches or wider, make sure it has a full HD resolution. Quad HD and 4K monitors deliver sharper images and are ideal for applications that demand very high-resolution images.

Other features to consider when comparing Samsung displays include aspect ratio, brightness, contrast ratio, and refresh rate. To enjoy panoramic views, choose a widescreen monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10. For more impressive wide-angle views, get an ultra-widescreen display with an aspect ratio of 21:9. A high refresh rate and low response time are essential qualities to look for in a gaming monitor. Contrast ratio and brightness contribute to picture quality and color reproduction.

What Are the Differences Between LCD and LED Samsung Monitors?
Both of these are LCDs. While a regular LCD monitor uses fluorescent lamps for backlighting, an LED model employs light-emitting diodes. LED monitors are usually brighter, slimmer, and more power-efficient.

Should You Consider Samsung Monitors With AMD FreeSync™?
AMD FreeSync is an adaptive refresh technology that allows displays to vary refresh rate in response to the demands of high-resource, graphics-intensive applications. It is a desirable feature for gaming monitors where it synchronizes LCD displays with graphics cards to eliminate screen tearing and input lags. To enjoy this feature, you need to pair the monitor with a gaming PC equipped with a compatible AMD GPU.

Can Samsung Monitors Double as HDTVs?
Yes. Both curved and flat monitors can serve as HDTVs as long as they have HDMI inputs. Samsung also makes computer monitors that can serve as standalone HDTVs. These have features like TV tuners, USB media playback support, integrated speakers, and included remote controls.