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Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Samsung tablets combine desktop functionality with cell phone mobility, creating devices that you can take anywhere. Whether looking for a device that lets you stream music and videos at home or on the go, or one that has the processing power and screen size that lets you complete work tasks anywhere, Staples® carries a range of Samsung options that fit the needs of most users.

Consider the Samsung Tablet Operating Systems
Most tablets by Samsung include the Android operating system, which is a popular option on many smartphones. The Android system provides a user-friendly interface that includes the Google Play store. This store lets users choose from numerous entertainment and productivity applications. Some models come with the Windows operating system, which is a robust option similar to that used on many desktop computers. The Windows system features the same tools and applications used by businesses, making it simple to complete spreadsheets, documents, and projects when away from the office. Combine the Windows operating system with a 12 to 15-inch screen for a device that handles multitasking and working in more than one tab or screen.

Choosing Samsung Tablet Screen Size
Tablets with 7 to 9-inch screens provide an adequate viewing area for mobile-optimized websites, checking email, listening to music, and reading. These smaller devices fit easily into a purse or bag, with some sliding into oversize pockets for simple carrying. Models in the 9 to 11-inch screen range feature higher resolutions that keep games and video graphics sharp. These styles often require separate cases or pouches for transporting, but provide an immersive viewing experience. For those who work on their tablets or who want to experience crisp graphics and gameplay, consider tablets with a 12 to 15-inch screen. Keep in mind that most larger tablets feature faster processors, which results in smoother performance, enhanced graphics, and increased multitasking capabilities.

How Much Storage Capacity Is Available on Samsung Tablets?
Samsung tablets come with storage capacities ranging from 8GB to 256GB. An 8GB device holds approximately 2,400 10-megapixel photos or 80 minutes of 12Mbps video. This is plenty of space for those who don't save much on their tablets, or who use cloud storage options. For those who plan on storing photos, videos, music, and apps, a 32GB device provides enough space in most cases. Models with 256GB of storage work well for serious users, those who take hundreds of photos, and those who plan on using the device for work and play. There are also tablets with expandable memory, which lets you store saved items to a card, rather than directly to the device.

Are There Kid-Friendly Samsung Tablets?
Many tablets by Samsung feature Kids Mode, which lets parents control access to apps and websites when children are using the device. Set time limits and ensure children don't spend too much time on a device. Kids Mode also prevents children from accessing saved documents and files for increased security when sharing the device.

What Are Other Features Available on Samsung Tablets?
There are tablets with fingerprint scanners that protect the device and ensure others can't use it without your permission. Models with multi-user modes let you create separate file and application access when sharing the tablet with more than one person. Products with S-Pen compatibility make note taking, drawing, editing photos, and creating animated GIFs simple.
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