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Samsung Solid State Drives

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Serious computer users store and process data quickly and securely with Samsung® solid state drives. Optimal for many professional and home situations, Samsung solid state drives' diverse range of technological advancements give users capabilities and advantages unavailable in standard preexisting computer systems. Staples® offers a variety of Samsung SSDs along with other important computer accessories for personal and professional purposes.

Samsung Solid State Drives Deliver High Performance and Protection
Samsung solid state drives store and use data securely internally or externally. Samsung SSDs have no moving parts, so they do not break down due to wear and tear the way fast-spinning drives can. As such, they last longer. These drives also achieve permanent storage of data without a continuous electrical source, which means salespeople on the road can record their progress with confidence. Samsung solid state drives significantly improve performance and operation speeds, making them ideal for professional applications such as data analysis, engineering simulations, and computer-aided design (CAD).

Samsung SSDs come with data storage sizes from 1 terabyte up to 4 terabytes. Sequential read and write speeds range up to 2,500 MB per second and 1,500 MB per second, respectively. The dynamic thermal guard in some models protects against overheating, which in turn protects data from damage. Several models also come with Magician software, which permits users to maintain, manage, and monitor drives while providing personal firmware checking and additional functions users can tailor to suit their unique needs.

Samsung Solid State Drives Travel Well
Specifications for Samsung solid state drives include operating temperatures in the range of 32 degrees Fahrenheit up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing operation beyond the typical office environment. Samsung SSD product dimensions range from 3.15 inches x 0.87 inches x 0.09 inches up to 3.94 inches x 2.75 inches x .027 inches, for lightweight, compact hardware you can take on the road. Some models have a reliability factor of 1.5 million hours, ensuring long life and maximum value. Power consumption average is about 5.8 watts in idle mode. While actual power consumption may vary due to hardware configuration, these devices use low wattage overall. Their sleep-support mode power consumption range is 8 mW, so they don't eat up power when not in use. Samsung SSDs encrypt data, protecting the user from security breaches whether at home or away.

Do You Use a Controller With Samsung Solid State Drives?
When operating Samsung SSDs, it is necessary to use a compatible controller. Before selecting a Samsung SSD, find out which controllers work and acquire one separately.

Which Microsoft® Windows® Systems Work With Samsung Solid State Drives?
Samsung SSDs are compatible with Windows 7 and newer, and system upgrades keep with new versions. Hardware configurations allow for differing uses with varying speeds based on the computer system, settings, and processing power the user requires.

Can You Use Samsung Solid State Drives for Gaming?
Yes. Samsung SSDs have gaming capability and can store and protect vast amounts of game data securely. They process this data quickly and efficiently, making the drives an ideal choice for many gamers who want their gameplay to be reliable, usable, and safe.
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