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SanDisk USB Flash Drives

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Take music, movies or business data anywhere with a SanDisk flash drive. These compact products easily fit into a pocket or bag and provide a generous amount of space to any device with a USB port. Available in a variety of physical styles and capacities, SanDisk drives can meet almost any portable data transfer need or serve as a more permanent storage solution for computers, televisions or Blu-ray players with limited space. Staples carries a complete selection of SanDisk flash drives.

SanDisk Flash Drives Have Space for Movies, Music and More

Flash storage products from SanDisk have varying data capacities. Small 8GB to 16GB devices are ideal for backing up critical files or taking presentations or sales documents on the road. Use a mid-range device with 32GB to 64GB of space to store a small music library or a hefty documents folder, or choose a large flash drive that holds up to 256GB to take movies, music and photos on the road. SecureAccess software, included with most SanDisk products, keeps all this data safe. It lets users encrypt files on the portable drive, ensuring privacy.

Speedy Data Access

Many SanDisk flash drives feature USB 3.0 technology, which offers data transfer speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second when used with a compatible computer. USB 3.0 is also backward compatible, so you can still access your files on an older system with USB 2.0 connections, albeit at a somewhat slower rate. Select flash drives also include a Lightning connector designed for use with Apple products, such as iPhones or iPads, making it easy to back up photos, contacts or other files from portable devices.

Wireless Data Transfers

SanDisk wireless flash drives support both USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, making them an excellent choice for transfers to and from mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Use the SanDisk Connect app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, to upload or download music, photos or movies quickly and easily via your home or office wireless network. Once data or multimedia files are stored on the wireless drive, it's simple to share them with friends, family and coworkers. These products connect to up to eight devices at once and stream video to up to three devices simultaneously. They also support Wi-Fi password protection, ensuring data security.

Convenient Physical Formats

When you think of portable storage, the first thing that probably springs to mind is the aptly named thumb drive. Many SanDisk products use this familiar and practical design, but some models have physical features designed to tackle unique storage challenges. Metal covers protect the USB connector from rough handling, lanyard loops let users keep their business data connected to their office ID and tiny ring-shaped drives fit on a key fob or inside a three-ring binder.

Users in need of long-term storage for computers or media devices may want to consider a low-profile SanDisk flash drive. These products are barely visible when they're plugged in, making them an ideal choice for enhancing available space in a Blu-ray player, television or laptop.

Flash drives from SanDisk combine a range of data capacities with varied physical formats and security features. They're an excellent choice for backing up critical data, taking files on the road or sharing photos with friends and family. Explore the SanDisk flash drives available at Staples and find a storage solution to meet any need.