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3-4 Years
Entertain kids outdoors with beach toys that encourage physical activity and the development of cooperative social skills. Beach pails, sand tools, and fun molds from S&S, Melissa & Doug, and American Educational Products let kids explore sandy spaces. Spend the day outside with durable sand toys.

Versatile Use
Beach toys are designed for use in both sandy and wet conditions, so they're great for sandbox playtime, beach vacations, poolside breaks, and sand dune adventures. Rakes, shovels, and other beach tools encourage kids to build sand castles and explore the seashore environment, while kits give children collections of tools that encourage imaginative play. Art sand lets kids explore their creativity while making fun layered sand creations and sprinkled sand pictures to take home to their parents.

Build Social Skills
Playing in the sand can help build children's social skills as they share beach tools and coordinate their sand play to create large-scale structures on the beach. These hands-on toys also encourage physical activity in a fun way, helping kids stay fit. Keep plenty of beach and pool toys on hand to give kids lots of options for engaging outdoor play.

Durable Designs
Because they are made with durability in mind, beach toys hold up well to a variety of outdoor conditions. Sturdy plastics withstand vigorous handling by excited children, and safe designs ensure that each piece is comfortable for little hands to hold. Durable beach toys can be left outside between play sessions, allowing you to keep them in the sandbox or in a secure location on your porch so that they're always ready for use.

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