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Choosing the right desk for a home office is essential to staying organized and productive. Sauder® small office furniture is big on storage and function while remaining compact in size. There are many different options to choose from. Staples® carries a selection of Sauder and other furniture to outfit any space.

Picking Sauder Small Office Furniture
Before choosing Sauder home office furniture, consider the primary purpose of the item. A desk used primarily for computer work should provide enough space to hold the computer securely. When considering a desktop computer, look for a desk with a bottom shelf to house the CPU and a small drawer to hold the keyboard out of the way when not in use. The desk should be sturdy with a large weight capacity to hold heavy office equipment. One used for paperwork should be roomy with plenty of tabletop space for writing and to work on spreadsheets. Choose an L-shaped desk or add an extension to a standard rectangular desk to create an area for both a computer and for paperwork.

Options for Sauder Small Office Furniture
One purpose of office furniture is to organize work materials neatly in one location. Furniture with built-in wiring channels keeps cords and cables neatly stored and off the floor for increased safety. An executive desk with shelves keeps books, pencil holders, and other organizers within reach without overloading the desktop.

Consider the Sauder Edgewater Collection with an engineered construction for durability. Drawers with full extension slides make it easy to reach items in the very back, while flip-up panels on some desks provide a convenient place for housing and recharging mobile devices. Some feature built-in file management systems for storing important documents and contracts in a central location.

How Do You Choose Sauder Small Office Furniture for a Space?
Measure the size of the room to see how much usable space is available. Make sure there is plenty of room to walk around the furniture comfortably. Consider how much time you spend in the office. For a space not used often, small furniture with simple lines may the optimal. If you spend more than 7 hours a day in the office, consider comfort over design.

What Are the Benefits of Ergonomic Sauder Small Office Furniture?
Manufacturers design ergonomic furniture to keep users comfortable throughout the course of each workday. Furniture ergonomically designed reduces stress, improves productivity, and can increase the quality of work. Staying relaxed and at ease while working can help reduce absenteeism and increase job satisfaction.

How Should You Position Sauder Small Office Furniture for Maximum Productivity?
The optimal position for a desk or other workstation depends on the habits of the user. For someone easily distracted, a wall-facing setup helps the individual maintain focus. For some, set up in a corner or facing the wall can feel claustrophobic. If you are prone to claustrophobia but must face the wall, set the desk along the center of a wall so it is open on both sides. For a person who likes change, place the workstation in front of a window, and for someone who has people coming in and out all day, it's a good idea to face the desk toward the door.
Sauder Edge Water Collection 65" Desk, Black (409042)Sauder Edge Water Collection 65" Desk, Black (409042)
Sauder Edge Water Collection 65" Desk, Black (409042)
Item #868972
Model #409042
  • Update your small office or home office with the desk
  • Comes in estate black
4 out of 5 stars with 542 reviews
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Sauder Edge Water Collection 33" File, Black (409044)Sauder Edge Water Collection 33" File, Black (409044)
Sauder Edge Water Collection 33" File, Black (409044)
Item #900452
Model #409044
  • File cabinet has two drawers with full-extension slides to hold letter or legal size hanging files
  • Comes in estate black
4 out of 5 stars with 542 reviews
Delivery fees may apply
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