Seagate Internal Hard Drives

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Internal hard drives store the operating system, documents, games, and other files on your computer. Seagate internal hard drives come in different capacities, speeds, and designs that let you choose the option that works for your computer or laptop. Staples® carries a variety of internal drives that provide versatile storage options.

Consider the Types of Seagate Internal Hard Drives
Hard drives come in varying types that affect their performance. A mechanical hard drive uses spinning platters for storing information. These magnetic platters record files and data, and let users erase and rewrite data when certain information isn't needed any longer. A hybrid hard drive combines the traditional magnetic components with solid-state storage, which relies on flash memory for accessing and writing data faster. Hybrid drives eliminate the need for installing both hard and solid state drives.

Hybrid internal hard drives store operating systems and other frequently accessed data in solid-state storage and save other files on the platters. The drives use algorithms for software caching that determine the appropriate location for storing information, reducing the need for users to choose where to save information.

Choosing the Right Connection Type for Seagate Internal Hard Drives
Hard drives connect to other components inside the computer, and you need the correct connection in order for the device to function. The most common hard drive connections are serial advance technology attachment (SATA) and serial attached SCSI (SAS). SAS interfaces work in systems with multiple drives or where multiple devices share a connection, such as in business-class systems. Most consumer machines use SATA interfaces that plug into a single connection inside the computer tower or laptop for convenient replacement.

Which Form Factor Is Right for Seagate Internal Hard Drives?
Internal hard drives come in 2.5 or 3.5-inch designs that fit in specific setups. The smaller 2.5-inch form factor works for most laptops. A 2.5-inch hard drive provides more storage capacity and fits inside desktop computer towers, but typically won't work inside a laptop due to the smaller area.

What Speed Options Are Available on Seagate Internal Hard Drives?
Hard drive speeds indicate how quickly the platters rotate, which affects response times when accessing information. The most common speeds for hard drives are 5,400, 7,200, and 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). A 5,400 RPM drive provides quick access for smaller files. Drives operating at 7,200 and 10,000 RPMs retrieve information more efficiently and speed up loading times when working with large files or databases. The transfer rate of a drive depends on the RPMs, with most ranging from 156MB to 6GB per second. Models with higher transfer rates read and write data faster for quicker load times.

Are There Different Storage Capacities for Seagate Internal Hard Drives?
Internal hard drives range from 500GB to 4TB of storage capacity. A 500GB drive holds up to 100,000 photos or 125,000 songs, providing ample space for those who typically save documents and small files. A 4TB drive stores up to 480 HD videos or 800,000 photos, ensuring most users won't run out of space. In most cases, a 1TB drive works well for most users, while larger capacities handle large databases and business files.