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Chapin Professional Salt and Ice Melt Spreader with Baffles (82088B)
Item #24469247
Model #139-82088B
  • Professional spreader with baffles provides reliable and efficient performance
  • Large two-piece hopper design, rugged powder-coated steel frame for full hopper support
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True Temper 18" Snow Shovel with Steel Handle (1603072)
Out of Stock
Item #24469253
Model #027-1603072
  • Combo snow shovel great for both shoveling and pushing snow
  • 18" poly combo blade with steel wear strip
Shovels and spades let you dig in areas where you need to remove dirt quickly with a minimum of fuss. Different head designs are best on different surfaces or for creating different shaped holes. Scrapers help you remove an accumulation of dirt and debris to ensure your project or office area stays clean and beautiful.

Easily Move Earth and Other Materials
Shovels can help you quickly organize loose dirt and sand for transport. Deep-backed shovels also make great implements for carrying fertilizer and other materials between areas.

Dig Holes for Multiple Purposes
A solid shovel can make the creation of holes for new plants and topiaries a simple matter. Check out our selection of post hole diggers for an even more precise cut.

Scoop Away Snow
Shovels also let you scoop away snow during cold winter months. Shank designs make it easy to chip away ice on sidewalks or other customer-facing areas.