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SUR-FIT Natura
Skin barriers protect the stoma to provide a good seal for pouches and fend off infection. Brands such as Center Point Lock, Eakin, and SUR-FIT Natura provide wafer-style or tape-collar barriers to suit your comfort needs. Latex and latex-free options are available for all skin types.

Seal Protection
Make sure you have a strong seal with the rigid flange and precise opening of a skin barrier to protect your patient's stoma. Use a wafer-style barrier for extra rigidity of the entire barrier, or opt for a tape border to match the contours of your patient's skin. Flat or convex shapes are suited to form excellent joints with the pouch of your preference, so you won't have to worry about the ostomy setup while treating your patient.

Cut to Fit
Tailor your skin barriers to your patient's requirements. A cut-to-fit barrier offers you customizable support; leave the flexible edge long for a greater contact area and extra adhesive strength, or cut it to exact size for a cleaner look and better skin flexibility near the stoma. Flexible tape-border edges make it easy to trim corners that could otherwise wrinkle and protrude from under the pouch flange.

Skin Friendly
Treat your patient's stoma properly; the area is already sensitive and needs no more irritation. Latex barriers are friendly on most skin types, but hypoallergenic, latex-free barriers offer an alternative material without sacrificing flexibility and comfort. Stomahesive products are designed to give the barrier reliable adhesion without disturbing the area around the stoma, so your patient can wear the barrier and pouch for as long as necessary without feeling discomfort.

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