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Sprayers and accessories provide a convenient way to evenly distribute fluids exactly where you need them. Choose from portable, handheld, or heavy-duty models from manufacturers such as Gilmour, Flexogen, and Pro-Flow. Whether you are applying herbicides to your lawn or degreasing equipment with a chemical cleaner, sprayers and accessories can help you get the job done right.

Convenient to Use
Portable and handheld sprayers and accessories let you easily transport and spray your chemicals. Large models hold a few gallons of chemicals so that you don't have to keep refilling the tank.

Tailor Your Spray
Whether you need a fine mist or a steady stream, an adjustable nozzle helps you get the kind of coverage you want. Don't forget a water hose so you can apply water to your plants, as well as chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Safe Spraying
Ribbed tanks keep the contents secure even if the sprayer gets bumped or dropped. A chemical-resistant hose won't rot or degrade even when you're using powerful chemicals.

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Add to cart H.D. Hudson® Multi-Purpose Sprayers, 2 gal
Add to cart Hudson 69101 Multi Purpose Handheld Sprayer, 32 oz.
Add to cart Dramm 10-12380 Adjustable Hose Nozzle
Add to cart H. D. Hudson® Bugwiser® 50 psi Transparent Blue Polyethylene Sprayer, 2 gal
Add to cart Chapin™ Poly Adjustable Cone Nozzle Polyethylene Multi Purpose Pressurized Hand Sprayer, 48 oz
Add to cart Dramm Kaleidoscope 10-13865 16" Rain Wand, Blue
Add to cart Chapin Industrial Viton 1949 Tank Sprayer, 3.5 gal.
Add to cart Dramm Kaleidoscope 10-13801 30" Rain Wand, Red
Dramm One Touch 30" Rain Wand
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Dramm Touch N Flow 30" Wand
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As low as  $26.59
Choose options Dramm Touch N Flow 30" Wand