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Sprinklers water yards to prevent wilting and browning for green lawns and healthy plants. Lush, well-watered landscapes reflect well on your business and help attract and retain clients. Sprinklers in various sizes are available for just the area you need to wet without wasting water.

Better Looking Grounds
A regular watering schedule keeps all the plants in your landscaping looking fresh even during times of drought. Select sprinklers that reach every corner of your landscaping without spraying on sidewalks or buildings. Sprinklers with gentle sprays provide the right watering level for freshly seeded areas and young plants.

Automated Maintenance
Program automated sprinklers to water your lawn on a set schedule, and never worry about dull, brown grass, or use standard sprinklers in conjunction with hose timers to maintain a regular watering schedule. Schedule watering overnight to reduce water loss associated with sunlight and minimize the impact on visitors and passersby. Automated systems are easy to bypass during wet times and reprogram seasonally to meet your watering needs all year long.

Garden Help
Water your vegetable and flower gardens easily with rotary or pop-up sprinklers for productive plants regardless of the weather. Rotary heads are easy to direct to cover the exact area that you need watered. Pop-up sprinkler heads sit at the soil level when not in use, and then rise up above the plants when on for more efficient watering.

Sprinklers made of non-corrosive materials, such as aluminum, brass, and polymers, last a long time for fewer replacements. Choose sprinkler heads with integrated screen to prevent clogs. Heavy-duty metal sprinklers resist impact in busy environments for less damage from vehicles and other contact.

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