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Stackable Folding Chairs

Stacking and folding chairs combine comfort with portability and storage convenience. They come in styles suitable for a broad range of applications. Use padded metal folding seats to expand seating available in event venues or accommodate guests at home. Stackable chairs are ideal for offices with multi use spaces or classrooms. Explore Staples® selection of seating and furniture products and find folding and stacking chairs that meet any home or office need.

Stacking and Folding Chairs Are a Versatile Seating Solution
Indoor and outdoor events, large meetings, and family gatherings have different chair requirements, and these products meet a variety of needs. Metal and plastic models have contoured seats that are comfortable and impervious to stains and spills, while products with back and seat cushions provide additional padding for guests. Weather-resistant chairs are ideal for catered outdoor events, and folding designs are easy to transport and set up. Stackable guest chairs include armless seats that are excellent options for meeting rooms and models with arms that provide extra comfort to office visitors.

Durable Stacking and Folding Chairs Take on Any Seating Challenge
Many of these products have rugged metal frames that offer almost any user plenty of solid support, and they often have powder-coat finishes that resist scratches and wear. Chairs with wood, bamboo, or resin frames offer attractive seating options for parties or catered events. Durable vinyl and woven upholstery fabrics resist wear and stains and come in colors that match any home or office decor. Some chairs feature removable cushions that simplify cleaning.

Most models have built-in glides that slide easily across hard-floor surfaces, but some have casters that further enhance seated mobility. Products such as church chairs have racks beneath the seat that offer guests storage space for personal items.

Can You Use Stacking and Folding Chairs in Classrooms?
Most chairs have a seat height of about 18 inches, which fits most adult users comfortably. Classroom chairs are smaller and shorter. Choose models with 12-inch-high seats for preschoolers. Slightly taller chairs with 14 to 16-inch-high seats are a good option for older students. Music rooms and performance venues have special seating needs. Musician's chairs have black finishes that won't distract the audience and have an open back angle that allows seated performers to move and breathe freely.

How Much Weight Do Stacking and Folding Chairs Support?
Almost all these products have a weight capacity of at least 250 pounds, and many are rated to hold much more; capacity ratings of 400 pounds are common. Big and tall folding and stacking chairs have oversized seats and backs and accommodate the largest users. They typically have weight capacities of 800 to 1,000 pounds.

Should You Choose Stacking or Folding Chairs?
Both chair styles are portable and offer similar seating options, but there are some differences between them. Folding models take up less storage space and are easier to transport, making them ideal for events planners or caterers. Stacking designs may offer more stability and often have thicker padding than folding models. Both types of seat fit on rolling dollies that simplify transportation and storage.

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