Healthcare Apparel

Stock up on healthcare apparel for your medical clinic, operating room or doctor's office. Choose disposable patient gowns for convenience or opt for cotton gowns with greater privacy for your patients' comfort. Round out your apparel needs with lab coats, footwear and hair protection.

Patient Comfort
Make it easy to examine your patients thoroughly while providing them comfort and privacy when you hand them patient gowns with back ties. Disposable patient gowns assure you of cleanliness with each use while cutting down on laundering costs and hassle. Keep gowns and patient pajamas available in adolescent and child sizes to accommodate your full range of patients. Add in some slipper socks with fall-prevention tread to keep your patients' feet warm and ensure their safety when walking on slippery clinic floors.

Protection Against Infection
Polypropylene isolation gowns that tie at the neck and wrist protect against all bodily fluids and other spills for the protection of your patients and employees alike. Choose bouffant caps, hair nets, or beard nets that meet NFPA standards and keep hair out of surgical fields or other environments where a little extra protection is needed. Add to your patients' protection against infection by providing a full array of medical gloves, including latex, vinyl and surgical glove options.

Healthcare Provider Convenience
Comfortable cotton/polyester scrubs come with double pockets for convenience and side vents for ease of movement; heavy-duty materials resist staining and can stand up to industrial cleaning. Unisex lab coats give you the convenience of a pen and lower pockets while helping you present the professional image you want to convey. Choose breathable shoe covers with non-skid tread when you're walking where you need a little extra traction underfoot; latex-free options let you dispense with concerns about allergies.