Occupational Workwear

Looking for occupational workwear? You've come to the right place. We have a wide range of products that are perfect for anyone in the industry. No matter what job you have, we've got the right clothing and accessories to complete your workwear set and keep you safe on the job site. Look the part with chef-inspired garbs like hats, jackets, and aprons, or keep it safe in the lab with occupational workwear accessories like eye protection and lab coats.

Workwear for Healthcare

Staples makes it easy to find the right color scrubs, nursing uniforms, and staff apparel for your healthcare office or facility. Set your team apart and keep it easy to distinguish roles in an emergency with the right color uniforms. Most scrubs are a mix of polyester and cotton to keep your team wrinkle-free, maintain color, and stay washable in hot laundry cycles in line with infection control.

Occupational workwear with safety in mind

A good product design keeps safety in mind and layers in workwear features like fall protection, flame-resistant fabric finishes, and high visibility elements (like reflectors) to keep staff and independent contractors safe. You should never sacrifice for your safety in your workplace apparel.

Applicable in a wide variety of industries

Whether it's gear for painters, restaurant apparel, healthcare, or science and laboratory, Staples understands you need to find occupational workwear that meets your specific team's needs. Shop gear and accessories for your workplace today and set your team up for success by helping them look the part and feel safe.