Healthcare Footwear

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Not Waterproof
Provide comfort and support for your feet when walking, running, and exercising with therapeutic insoles that are flexible to fit any sized shoe. Magnetic technology focuses on acupressure points within the feet to massage and stimulate when on the move.

Ultimate Comfort
Get ready to run through the boardwalk, hike through hilly trails, or walk through the neighborhood in comfort with shoe insoles designed to increase circulation to your feet and provide much-needed cushion while on the go. Premium quality insoles feature eight assorted magnets within the insole that are activated when walking and massage the feet with every step.

Customized Fit
Travel in comfort with a customized fit. Therapeutic insoles feature a flexible structure and construction that can be easily trimmed to fit various sizes of shoes. Most insoles are approximately 3 1/2 inches wide and 1/4 inch in diameter, and are just as durable as they are flexible when creating the perfect fit.

Durable Construction
Daily joggers can keep on trekking through the streets and trails with assurance that durable insoles are up for the ride. Many insoles feature PVC and brass construction that can withstand heavy stepping, running, and regular use. The long-lasting comfort of the magnetic technology is designed for active individuals, and the shoes can be easily refreshed with deodorizers.

Health Benefits
It's no secret that feet can take a beating after a long day of work or exercise, and insoles can help reduce aches and pains with added support and magnetic massage technology. Insoles also increase foot circulation, allow feet to breathe, and offer a cushioned step in any type of shoe.

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